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Rushing: Not All Bad, Let's Embrace And Limit It.


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Rushing is a valid strategy for playing the game. It just can't be so dominating that it is the single best strategy for every mission type. In some mission rushing is too easy/good, in others rushing is just not possible. Those two extreme ends should be pruned for a more balanced in-between. Rushing should have a risk-reward component to it. 

The hidden loot is a good counter to rushing already, but this is not all which can be done. 

Let me propose some changes for and against rushing for certain mission types to improve gameplay.


CAPTURE: Needs a boss-like cutscene to spawn (think Sargas Ruk). The enemy VIP only spawn when all frames are on the tile. Enemy VIP should spawn with an elite bodyguard team - Eximi, Lynxes, Drahk Masters this kind of thing. 

VIP should have something like a coolant leak aura. 

ALL players would have to do the 'press X' thing to capture the guy. 


DECEPTION: Would spawn death squads (think syndicate squads) every time an enemy turns on a terminal alert, and when inserting the datamass. The death squads use exterminate mission mechanics, requiring the player to kill them all. This does not interfere with the primary mission objective.


DEFENSE: Since it has no rushing, it deserves a bit of an incentive. The player may intently raise the alert level until the end of the wave by hacking a terminal. Enemies spawn stronger and faster (but not higher number) until the end of the wave. It is a risk-reward strategy. 


HIJACK: holding X while being under the train increases shield drain by 20%, while speeding up the train by 10%. Player can't do anything else but hold X to speed up the train. Players can pool themselves together to speed up the train up to 40% higher speed, at the cost of being immobile. 


MOBILE DEFENSE/INTERCEPTION/SURVIVAL: Can double speed for a few seconds by doing a cypher decode in one of the mission objectives (mobile defense point, interception tower, survival any terminal). Mobile defense and survival time passes faster, interception decodes gets faster. Enemies spawn stronger and faster. 

MOBILE DEFENSE: Can only start when all players reach the mobile defense's tile.


SABOTAGE: Should be reworked to use Dark Sector invasion mechanics. Players would have to hack 2 cyphers to temporarily expose a core and shoot it until it dies, while enemies pour in from neighboring corridors. Terminals would be locked until all players reach the tile. (this is not about hive sabotage)


HIVE SABOTAGE: The would be a 'friendship door' locked by each Infested Hive. Once the hive is taken to zero health, it would not immediately die. Players would have to prevent monsters from reaching it for 30 seconds, or it would regenerate health. Each friendship door would only unlock after the Infested Hive's death.


SPY: Each alert raised makes spy consoles unhackable for 30 seconds and spawn large mobs containing Eximi and even sub-boss enemies (Lynx, Sprag/Venkra Tel, etc.) a Lockdown blocks the spy consoles for 60 seconds and spawns larger mobs. 



This love-hate for rushing on several missions would make the game more interesting overall IMO.

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In mobile defense, I always wanted to be able to hack the terminal myself instead of the Lotus. Even if it was twenty Grineer Ciphers in a row I think I'd be able to do it faster than her.

+the hacking tenno would feel more like you defend something instead of a console that just stays there, and when you dont defende him enough he can abort and shoot stuff ( and loss a bit time)


edit. solo-sessions would need a bit tweaking ofc ...

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Those are interesting suggestions, but what about solo play? They would probably hamper it a lot.^^'


Don't really see how, provided that Solo playstyle is considered for things e.g. 


Number of spawned enemies on elite squads scale with number of players, player's aggregate conclave rating and mission level difficulty. 

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