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Which Type Of Mission Do You Play The Most And Why? Which Location?


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I play mostly on saturn for orokin cells. I rarely go to the higher level planets because I tend do DC and let people down , so I just solo saturn nowadays.


But when in dire need for plat it's straight for the void


EDIT: anything except goddamn viver x)

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I like how people are saying Viver, regardless of the fact that it became popular only about a week ago. Nothing against it.


I mostly play Extermination and Infested Defense. For Ext. I usually go to Saturn or Ceres, though I usually get pissed off in the latter because of the aimbot propblem. If I am testing a weapon I am polarizing, I usually go to see Kril; he's kind enough to be my test subject. Weirdly enough, I rarely do Corpus missions.


I also like going to see Lephantis every now and then; I just like the scale of it.

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I don't grind anything on purpose anymore. Bored the hell out of me. xD



I rather play the alerts, invasions/Outbreaks and the syndicate alerts. Sometimes Dark Sector conflicts if I really hate one of the alliances.



So actually I get to see a good mix of all sorts of missions, but probably Exterminates the most because of the Invasions.



As far as the factions go... probably most of the time for the Grineer against the Corpus, because the Corpus' battlepays just suck most of the time. Better take the guranteed Orokin Cell of the Grineer instead of even more credits offered by the Corpus which I have in abundance anyways.



Probably comes from my burnout, as well as the fact that I pretty much own everything (apart U15 stuff), maxed out nearly every mod, and that I can't really stand the tiresome navigation system we now have to deal with. The later being the reason why I mostly only click stuff where there's a symbol above the planet or a direct link in the new summary panel.

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I used to play Xini a lot still do from time to time.


I tend to play awfully lot of Ceres/Kiste. (I like the Grineer as enemy the most) alsot lot of XP and cells


Recently I also started to doing Viver. Well I'm not rushing  syndicate ranks but it is nice sometimes to get more than 1k standings on a mission. I'm not going for very big numbers playing it without booster but 1k+ is I'm happy with.

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Because if some paladin of the good gaming tries to decide for me what's the right way to do things, I often end doing the opposite just to spite 'em.


When not in such an annoyed mood:


The Void towers, I like the place.

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