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Syndicate Suggestions


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Everyone should know about the Syndicate problem now. Honestly, Syndicates are one of the best additions to the endgame. It experiments a lot for DE and can play a big part in warframe's future. However, a grindfest game will not have perfect endgame content. So, I hope that my suggestions could at least slightly improve it to make it better


1) Dynamic Ranking + More Developed Ranking System

(Thx to matrixEXO for Allowing me to use his post's info)

What is Dynamic Ranking? It is a system where you get to keep your rep after ranking up. This is so you could keep all your xp from all those grinds. You would only lose xp from buying stuff and would derank if you don't meet the rep required. However, instead of just getting xp and offering expensive stuff and redoing it again, players need to complete challenges to prove how worthy they are for the next rank.


2) Rep Gaining

To make point 1 more reasonable, rep gaining would change as well as rep requirement will change to become much lesser. Players will be able to gain rep from 3 possible ways now.


Firstly, would be a contract system that will replace the daily missions. These contracts will be given out by your Syndicates and will have much more than the usual 3 per day. These contracts would be much more meaningful than just doing normal missions. It would impact enemy syndicates a lot. You would be ambushing their death squads through a special extermination mission, you would be stealing their info through interception, so on and so for.


Secondly, instead of getting rep from affinity, rep will be rewarded at the end of the mission according to syndicate rank, mission difficulty, type of mission, warframe using. Type of mission will include waves, number of excavators etc.


Lastly, donating your useless prime parts or mods. Mods will give rep according to their conclave rating, and bp/parts will give rep according to rarity.


3) New Unlocks + Price Change

Prices of Everything will drop to balance with the new rep requirements. This is a list of changes or additions that needs to be done on all the available items.


Specters - Further drop in price (until AI is improved)

Adding more Eximus variants

Adding ability to spawn a squad at once


Weapon Augment Mods - Changing the stats given into more appealing ones

Giving a special slot for the augment mods and not having the mods charge or add any energy


Ability Augment Mods - Adding a special slot for the augment mods and have it charge energy only


Void Keys - Increasing the Price

Add different T keys other than T4


Sigils - Some are instantly given when ranking up

Others are purchasable at a cheaper price

Allowing you to equip two sigils of the same syndicate


Team Restores - Increase Price

Make them give even more than Large Team Restores


Summary for the Lazy People

-Dynamic Leveling to keep XP after ranking up

-Rep requirement dropped & adding new challenges to ranking up

-Adding more ranks

-Replacing gaining rep from affinity to contract system which replaces daily missions, rep gain from different conditions @ end of mission & lastly donating your useless stuff

-Rank Sigils are given when ranking up, cosmetic Sigils sold at cheaper price, Equipping 2 Sigils from same syndicate

-Changing of price of items

-Adding more item variants


I feel that Syndicates shouldn't be thought as an additional grindfest for warframe. Try to think of it as a new way to play the game. I will be eager to see what DE has for the syndicates in the future.


Creds to matrixEXO again for allowing me to use info from his post.





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