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Hotfix 15.1.3


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Almost, yes. Now tell me how many seconds you have between killing the last enemy of a wave and having the first one re-appear? You cannot remotely tell me that it is so bad to rush through the room, taking a COUPLE of seconds, be back on your place, and continue what you and the other 3 people are doing.

The other question is, why do you do Viver again? To farm mods or to farm reputation for Syndicate? If you tell me both, then those few seconds between each wave should not hurt you at all.

... the only exception being is for the afk-macro players who should get banned. Period.

The lull between interception rounds lasts as long as people can keep their companions from killing the last mob. That's not the issue I brought up though. You keep saying 'just run about between rounds' like it's a defense mission. It's not. With the current mod cap you can loose close to 50% of the mods dropped before the round ends. That's what isn't right. It takes roughly 40 seconds to run all over a map as small as Viver, checking all the crannies. Even a defense mission doesn't give you that kind of leeway.

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Oh I'm not hating on anything. I could care less how other people play. I'm the Mag in the viver map, but I don't stand still. I run in circles looting stuff as I spam specials because I'm there to loot stuff, get xp and HAVE FUN. I personally don't like sitting still staring at the wall, but I don't think someone who does do that should be punished. I'm just saying if you can't even be bothered to pick up loot obviously it isn't that important to you. I like to move around as much as possible... not everyone does. I typically play the Frost in defense, yet I still manage to collect my pickups. Sometimes you have to rely on someone else to help you do that during a wave, but hey, that is what teamwork is all about. I think this limit is lazy and stupid, but I also think the insane amount of backlash about it is ridiculous. However, if you don't complain about something it won't get changed. So in a sense, thank you to all those raging like lunatics. You all make it easier for the rest of us who want to play the game while someone else cries on the forums in our stead. YOU ARE THE TRUE HEROES OF HOTFIXES!



if you move around then you are limiting the spawn potential

and that's a weak argument u got there

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We have already addressed why we don't roam a Viver grind, at this point all I am calling for is a few concessions.


1. I would think all of us immobile field nukers would appreciate some type of notice when the level is about to hit 50 mods, whether it is through a Lotus message or an onscreen counter, I don't care.  But notification would be nice when we are about to lose loot.


2. I think an increase in the cap would settle some of this, the amount lost by it right now can equal almost 50% depending on the group and how much luck you have.  Bumping it up to 100 may be too much for those offended by the amount of mods one of these runs produces, so how about something around 80? (I know 75 is in the middle, still seems a little low).  Unless the cap was fully removed, however, I will always think of what was lost purely through an arbitrary restriction made in place after people complained about how unfair something was that they could do with enough time and/or patience, but didn't want to.


3. End gamers need something to do that could only be accomplished with 4 players working together with a substantial reward, why is Viver so popular?  Because it is the reward for playing the game and playing it well.  Right now the best you can do is T4's and Pluto and pretty much both of them are soloable.  Viver was fun because even though it was just a button spam, it gave endgamers something to look forward to, at least with the new Syndicates.


I don't like attacking a persons' character, at least not publicly, but I do have a question for those of you supporting the mod cap.  The spoiler below probably contains ranting and I don't care to fix it, putting my cards on the table.


What do you guys have to gain?


  If you want to applaud the devs for updating so much, fine, but saying you like part of a fix and then not stating why just wastes people's time, No matter how you look at this fix, it is a restriction.  If you were running around and collected your mods before 50+ hit, then why would you even deign to look at the comments section and argue about it with the people who feel wronged?  The only reason to like something that messes up other people and doesn't aid nor harm yourself is that it brings the afflicted closer to your level.


Did you guys feel wronged by the high level players that have spent days of their lives playing this game doing something that they feel is worth their time?  Or maybe you are left out because you just don't have the mods or frames to contribute to a grind as effective as this.


The result of this hotfix basically restricts the rewards for those of us who actually manage to collect 50+ mods in a match.  Why is that a bad thing, we legitamately slogged our way up to a rank high enough specifically so we could do things like this 



(Lowest rank in that group was me at Mastery 12)


And what about if you weren't doing Viver and magically gained 50+ mods on the ground through what you consider to be proper?  You'd be mad enough about losing a single one as all the effort you put into it after fifty is almost wasted.  We got around 8000 Syndicate points from that 8.5k+ kill game shown in the picture, saying the syndicate points are worth it truly isn't a good enough reason.


I did the math, On one of the hardest interceptions you can do, each kill is still less than a point.  To accomplish an achievment for running a map with a sword only, I picked possibly the lowest level exterminate you could find on Mercury (Didn't try that hard as it is all beneath me at that point) and had to kill 67 enemies.  The result?  16 points.  I know you cannot have syndicates when you first do those missions (Unless you play one map and somehow get up to rank 3 before you do anything else 0_o) and you'd never see that number, but that is just depressing. 


We were happy with our grinds 'till this hotfix appeared and basically said we didn't deserve half of what we earned.  But for restrictions to appear like this, a crowd had to complain loud enough that it was unfair, how is it unfair to have an excellent map that rewards top tier players for their time?


It isn't like you can complain that enables the people who Pvp all the time, the top mod one really can get from these for Pvp is pretty much serration.  And if you are having trouble with those people, they are kitted out entirely differently.


 Syndicates are supposed to be a grind, devs has mentioned that it isn't an overnight thing.  But all these high level players haven't done it overnight.  They have spent hundreds of hours prepping for these missions and just because the toughest mission in the game is spitting out more points than you first intended through 4 end level players working together (Technically all we are doing anyways is pressing buttons to visual queues so all you people saying spamming 4 isn't playing the game might as well just stop with electronics all together) to achieve a passable grind for something that is supposed to be a career long march.


[Metaphor w. Boats, and people on said boats.]

 All the end level people were dumped in the same paddle boat as the new arrivals and *Shiver* Casuals (JK) in U15 and we all thought "There has to be a better way then this".  We saw the party boat "Viva La Viver" on the horizon and figured "If we had 2 Excals, a mag, and a trin, I bet we could make it over there and in style". Through all of the hardships we had already gone through in the game, we were strong enough to pull this off with a correct modset and swim through all the hazards between us and it.  The people who tried to follow us that didn't have prior experience or were to weak drowned and said, "If they could do it, why can't I?  We started in the same boat!" and prayed to the almighty Neptune (Lotus, DE, what have you) to smite what we have earned through dedication.  Now here it comes and will we at least be tossed a lifeline or will the new players be happy and the most dedicated of us be stuck trudging along with them?

[/Metaphor w. Boats, and people on said boats.]


The point is, give the end level players something to do that can bump up syndicate scores instead of only receiving at best a little less than 1 point when there is things that cost 25k points.  Not to sound spoiled, but we deserve it.



Lastly, this is a Co-op game, what harm is it to have a map where a fellow player can earn a decent reward for a change?




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"I really prefer the "performance Hotfix" *nudge* *nudge*  over the huge amount of loot!"

- Said noone ever.


One is for sure:

Until further changes to "rebalance" Viver there isn't going to be any change to the 50 mod cap.

Even if they will fix that particle effects that cause the real performance drop in the meantime.

The reason why DE doesn't want us to get the huge amounts of mods in Viver is because it could easily destabilize the ingame economy.

Prices of higher ranked mods would suddenly drastically drop and thus devaluating the actual worth of platinum.

And since we all know that platinum=money, this would result in less income for DE in the long run.


So as it is right now we will have to either accept that a hardcore Viver run will be capped to 50 mods per round (cuz noone got time fo dat collecting) or find some sort of workaround; ex.: to shorten the rounds for lesser loot/round.

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This is pretty much my fifty cents on most of the things brought up on this thread that I haven't touched upon yet.  Feel free to ignore.  Why should you read?  Well, I feel I am spearheading the No Nerf Viver side of the debate and if someone would like to correct me on something, it be great.


People thinking the Mod Cap to 50 thing was to try to make way for PS3 and XBOX1 releases of the game, if you haven't noticed, they seperate the releases for the three platforms and I am not even sure the consoles have U15 yet.  Adding a change here to make it more applicable to consoles later has a lapse of logic.  If you haven't read the 18 previous pages, the Mod cap is an attempt to stave off Viver farming which has grown popular recently due to the Excalibur hotfix that made his ultimate ability hit everything within a range, not need LoS (Line of Sight).


I heard that there was going to be a hotfix soon that "Addresses Spawns on Viver".  I go back to my whole "Even though Viver seems cheap, just being able to play the map at all is already an accomplishment that takes up to at least 50 hours of gameplay to make possible and thus not cheap" stance and would like to point out that if you are going to get rid of the grindfest on Viver, at least make someplace else worthwhile.


As of right now, even when playing on Pluto, the big bonus is Affinity.  And until recently, affinity on Pluto was next to worthless.  By the time people got there, Affinity is the last thing you need.  Endgamers need a map that is sanctioned by the Devs that is both challenging and rewarding else what do we have to look forward to (I understand Viver is anything but challenging for when you get strong enough and that there is a power creep with the weapons a bit, but try that map with any common player trying to copy what the higher levels do.  The result is about half the points and barely 50 mods)


If the next update pandered to the end level players, that'd be great.  The last time there was an update to expand the end game, it added T4's, and those are laughable at best considering T3's are globally tougher and the big tough thing on T4's is a level 50 Vor (Or was that still a secret?) that I have seen killed in less than a second from a red crit Amprex.


EDIT REASON: DIdn't want to spam the thread with another post

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  • Improved performance and stability of long missions by setting a cap on active Mods in a session. 50 mods can now exist simultaneously before new mods will replace the old.


The mod cap in no way increased performance. If DE thinks Viver is too rewarding, then just say so.

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