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The Real Problem With Viver


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Oh look, another Viver thread, as if we didn't have enough of those. Everyone else is doing it, I might as well speak my mind too. Basically.


  I'm gonna talk about the real problem with Viver, and the problem isn't Viver, it's the reputation system, but not because the reputation system takes too long. The reputation system was designed for someone that just recently started playing the game, since those new players would have started with 0 of everything, as soon as the get the necessary resources, they would start investing into a syndicate. The problem with this? Everyone else that has played the game for 600+ hours gets no boost what-so-ever. I personally have 1,128 hours into warframe and I am pretty sure if the reputation system existed since I started playing, I would have been at max rank with at least 2 syndicates.


  See where I'm going with this? Yes, Viver should be nerfed, but before that is done, players should be getting some sort of boost or jump start equivalent to how long they have played the game; that is the true problem with this. A symptom of this is grinding for reputation isn't helping out anyone. A substantial amount of players have 1,000+ hours into this game, most of them are on the verge of getting tired of this game, grinding for reputation does nothing more than to speed up the process. There's not much wrong with the current system of reputation, it's just that older players are essentially "restarting" all the hard work they've been through to get to where they are now.


  Please DE, I would like you to consider giving players some sort of boost to syndicates, on top of alleviating the vast majority of saltiness (anger) that players would have over Viver being nerfed, it would also benefit everyone else.


Thoughts, questions? Any constructive feedback appreciated.

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Remember before syndicates, when people were only concerned with farming xp?


Viver is ridiculous; you can max out all your gear in like, 20 minutes. I find it interesting nobody is talking about that, I guess their vision is obfuscated by the ocean of rep points they need to obtain.


Viver would be ridonk even if it gave no rep for whatever reason.

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Yeah IDK why people make so much fuss about Viver.

I mean it's working as intended, people are actually planning their game-plan.

The mission becomes really a COOP game.



Maybe we should redirect the flaming torches back to the Reputation system.

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Until doing something other than Viver gives something more than a token amount of syndicate XP, anything else is a dumb kneejerk reaction to a flawed system.


Mods Cost 25k

1 Exterminate Run makes 30 XP

Viver in one run can push 7 or 8k


Notice the difference between the two, is it any damn wonder that people farm Viver all day long.. You don't like Viver, don't do it its pretty simple.


The suggestions in the OP seem pretty reasonable, but if Viver gets a flat out nerf, which BTW they can't realisticly do to that map without affecting the rest of the game, without actually looking at the way syndicate XP is earned, then Syndicate just becomes an addition to the game nobody really bothers with, because every time they find an efficient way of farming, it gets nerfed without actually fixing the problem.

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Not really sure why this thread is in map feedback with Viver in the title when this is more of a review of the Syndicate system. Plenty of threads about that as well.


Yes, the core of the issue is that this would have been a nice system for those of us who haven't already spent 1000 hours in the game. Even if it was just introduced in Update 9 or something, the complaints would have died down long ago about rep farming. For new players, it's great, because they havent' already spent all their time acquiring every single piece of gear and maxing it out.

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