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Door Bug, Can't Get Through


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Had the invisible wall version like the door not opening or the door being open but can't go through and other such versions in runs with poor hosts (I blame matchmaking for being crappy in host choosing :p) but never had this one before c.c


*Grabs some chess pieces* :p

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I'm also having issues with the Infestation tileset; did the Acanth alert a few times and ran into the same checkered wall until it was fixed, ran into it again when doing Calypso (Saturn) for the Hidden Messages and just recently with the Hive Alert on Gnathos (Eris) currently running and basically locked us inside.

I was able to complete the Calypso (Saturn) survival mission without encountering the tile as well.
Image - First attempt at Calypso (Saturn) survival: http://i.imgur.com/LZwubKk.jpg
Image - Gnathos (Eris) Hive Alert: http://i.imgur.com/jfvKpNk.jpg

On our way to the hive there was infected unable to get through a doorway (they bunched up) and when we crossed it was the checkered wall. Might be only one way through it.

Edit 1: Ran into it again. Joined a squad on the Gnathos (Eris) Alert.
Image - Gnathos (Eris) Hive Alert: http://i.imgur.com/OdAr6ku.jpg
A charger is running through the doorway while another squadmember jumps against the doorway.


Edit 2: I was the only one running it, was in Public Matchmaking. Ran into two of them connected end to end.
Image thread - Gnathos (Eris) Hive Alert Hallway 1: http://imgur.com/wjirmqZ,caqh630,U33M4S7#0
Found the doorway, eased myself into it and tried to run out, I was 'stuck' in place and could only go through the hallway.
Image thread - Gnathos (Eris) Hive Alert Hallway 2: http://imgur.com/kpzFwJh,RLGvjCn,vfPnXpX,LKiXkBY
Stopped before the doorway to watch some infested run against the (from my character's perspective) an invisible wall but I could still shoot them. Eased into the doorway again and captured both sides of it.

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