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Letters To The Lotus


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((A roleplay where every post is a letter your character, a Tenno, sends to The Lotus. I shall start to provide an example!))

My dearest Lotus.

Gosh, feels like it's been forever since I last seen you! Been far too long since I seen yer pretty face, smilin' at me, lettin' me know them knucklehead Grineer are tryin'a get me. You always know what to say, darlin'.

Anyway, status update! Just completed that important capture mission y'wanted done! Yeahp, it was easy. But at the same time it was TOTALLY EPIC. Lemme explain. If you're readin' this standin' up, y'might wanna sit down, m'love!

So there we are jumpin' down from the ceilin', sneakin' in through the vents like we always do, when WOULDN'T YA KNOW IT. 300-SOMETHIN' Lancers 'n' Heavy gunners 'n' Commanders and stuff! Just all sittin' there WAITIN' for us! Y'know Rhino was scared like a baby but I didn't even blink m'lady no siree not one second.


"Step aside, friend! I'll protect you!", I valiantly assure my poor comrade, as a thousand somethin' bullets smack me square in the chest but don'tcha know they don't hurt a smidge! I laugh 'em off and point at 'em with one o' my Kamas and I'm like, "ERRY LAST ONE-A YOU IS GONNA BE A HEAD ON MY WALL TONIGHT! For the honor of mah beautiful woman, The Lotus!", 'cause y'know I fight with alla my heart for you, babe.

And Trinity's like "Mr. Amazin' Loki sir! Here! Have some energy so you can save us all like yer always doin'!", but I'm all "Hah! Energy!? I don't need no energy! The love and tender affections of my beloved Lotus, and the spirit of the lord and savior Kama, who gives us our fevers (amen!), are all the energy I need!", you better believe I said that! Yessir Trinity ain't got nothin' on my lady.

And then it was like WAH! And KACHAW! POW! I'm zip-zappin' around slicin' heads and jumpin' offa dead bodies like some kinda spectacular spider guy! They was all a mess, I tell ya! Grineer shootin' every which way tryin'a keep up with my RAW SPEED AN' AGILITY but y'know they can't! At the end of it all there's more holes in a donut than there are in your handsome, dashin' and lovin'ly faithful Loki, here, and I didn't even hafta go invisible!

Oh, uh, right. And then there were them two guys. We caught 'em.

And one of 'em was like "Someday you'll answer to our butt-ugly queens blah blah blah" and I was all "The only two people I answer to are mah beloved and THE GREAT AND MIGHTY LORD KAMA WHO GIVES US OUR FEVERS, HALLOWED IS HIS NAME, amen.".

... oh, right. And the other guys helped a little. They weren't totally useless.

Anyway, that's my report! Can't wait to hear your sweet voice again m'lady.

~Your one and only beloved faithful, Loki.

P.S. You can siddown now. I know that musta been intense.

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Dear Lotus,

     Ordis' forgot to stock up on coffee....again. No coffee=no energy=useless. I bet you he does it on purpose just to see me suffer after crawling out of bed. When can I bring him in for some needed altercations? Soon I hope. Until then, I know how to deal with him. I'm getting another puppy, he LOVES puppies. Two can play at this game! No I don't think it's childish, it's what he deserves.



PS, he's managed to shield himself from electricity. So there goes that thought.....

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Sent Third Turning of the Fourth Cycle, Pey




Pray this note gets to you. The last information extraction team barely made it out and the base is now on high alert.


The Corpus have accepted me easily, their suits make it simple to hide my appearance, and the information Darvo has provided us allowed me to learn the Corpus language, enough that I can hold simple conversations.


There is a board of select Corpus representatives that meet at the bridge of the ship every third cycle. I managed to recover a datapad from one of their bed chambers, with a recording of their recent meeting. I needed to return it by Waking, but managed to record much of what was presented.


"...Kototatpe Toatp, Titet'y teyoutye ptait kay ktotep po te poo yoyppy. A tope kay teet yayp tot kopetpiap pesotipiyapiot..."


The vote was a majority, 18-2. They are discussing plans to remove themselves from the sector, and let the Infested take their place.


I will ping you again once I know more.


Until, then, "The rat with two heads is an abomination of a vermin, though wiser and tougher than the rest."



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Dear Lotus


I wish to apologize for releasing those Sand Skates in your control center.

Honestly, they just wanted a hug. Those cute little stingrays with their adorable widdle faces...
*ahem* Anyway, apologies for possibly scarring your mental state for life. I did not expect that to happen, honestly.


Your's Faithfully,

     -Umbra, Tenno Mercenary



Can you stop sending Stalker my co-ordinates, please? He doesn't visit me anymore, since he knows where I am all the time.

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Dearest Lotus,


     Thank you, It's all I can really say. Since my early beginnings you've watched me,

you taught me, gave me so much that I was never sure that I could ever repay you.

     But now I'm sure, I'm sure that I won't have that chance.


     My mission has gone awry, I've managed to acquire and send off the data fragments

you've requested but alas, as I ran to my liset I watched as it fell from the sky after a barrage from 

a fleet of Sentient Worm ships caused it to burst into flames and crash.

     I've holed myself up in a room withing the compound, I met with some left over opposition, It was as if

they were laying in wait for an ambush. I managed to bring the last of them, but my shields took the blunt force

of a heavy plasma blast and is on it's last legs.

     My ammo has almost run dry, but I still have plenty of energy for now. How I wish I could hear you speak,

I always found comfort in your voice, but it seems that the Sentients have cut off all transmission for the time being,

hence the need to write to you. I hear more coming, please, take care of Inu'Ka, she's still quite a young Kubrow pup.


     I'll make my way outside and bring down whatever is causing the interference, It won't matter, I just want to hear your

soothing voice one last time, like a mother to her offspring, it warms me so, even in the gravest of situations.



     Thank you my Dearest Lotus, and farewell.


Forever and always great full,



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