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Some Advice In Syndicate Choosing...



If you are aiming for more endgame loot / completenism...

Ignore the text.

Choose the "dark side" of the force. (New Loka/Red Veil/Perrin Sequence)

It seems that many people are choosing the light side, so in the future, NL/RV/PS mods are going to be the minority...


diamonds -> rare -> money!


rare mods -> rare -> more trading worth!


Get where I'm going at?

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Frankly i choose Steel Meridian for their FREEDUUUM! And because the chick is a Grineer outcast and i think thats badass. And the fact they favor Ember and Broberon also helps heh.


And while i dont use the almighty Hek i bet some people will find it usefull

^did that too.

Though, I did it because Steel Meridian sound like some nice people...

Rather than the people who would do anything to get rid of "corruption".

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