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Warframe Balancing Idea


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So.. I was watching a video regarding the old bosses, [



After watching this I noticed how much has changed. The Grineers Voices, the fact that your damage didn't knock them out 100% of the time, even the fact that you needed to run from time to time.


This raised a question for me.. "Are our warframes weapons too much ? Do they have no armor after all our invasions over the past year ? "

Just thinking about it. We have no damage reduction after levels, we all have pure damage. Only thing stopping us is their hp/shields.

Back then, their level increased their armor. Now it really only seemingly increases their damage ( Barely ) and hp/shields.



I wanted to know everyones thoughts on the following just from this..


#1) Should enemies get a scale based on their levels ?

Example : Level 40 = 40% Damage reduction + 20% damage increase + 20% Hp/Shield increase ?

                Level 70 = 70% Damage Reduction + 35% damage increase + 35% Hp/Shield increase ?

                Level 90 = 90% Damage Reduction + 45% damage increase + 45% Hp/Shield Increase ?



                Level 1,000 = 90% Damage Reduction + 500% damage increase + 500% Hp/Shield Increase ?




#2) Another way to scale the enemies to make it stronger


20 conclave points = 1% damage reduction. With this, you would have to be above 2,000 conclave rating (Which is extremely hard to pull off) to have yourself have 100% damage reduction. If they hit over 2,000 conclave rating, then they would be capped at 99%


Most new players would be sitting around 100-300 conclave rating.

Thats a 5% -> 8% debuff in damage. Thats still a bit to create a challenge to start, so there may be a small flaw, but still. Most gamers like a challenge.


A higher end player working his way up into the 1,200 conclave rating having a 60% reduction would still create the challenge too. Sure you can be stronger but your still not going all out killing every thing in sight.


The flaw with #2


As I was writing this, I thought of one flaw some will learn quickly. That would be the fact that you can unequipt/mod your primary, secondary and melee.

That would mean that a person with a Vectis that does up in the 20,000 -> 100,000 damage range would be only having something like 27% damage reduction [For 540 Conclave Rating]. That is 14,600 -> 73,000 damage still. It is a bit much without doing the armor ratings to check the pure damage.


My solution to this problem would be something along the lines of an average of all weapons or each weapon has its own damage reduction.

A weapon I have only been able to see to scale up to 400 conclave rating at its max. With that being said, if we get the percentage for each point that should be, we would be looking around 4 conclave rating -> 1%.

Although then it would also come into play that all the warframe weapons have ratings of their own but that just needs a bit of tweaking in general.




If they did something like this where it maxed out at 90% damage reduction, it would create the challenge of beginners and end gamers playing. What are you guy's thoughts ?

It would make our bosses harder, thats for sure instead of us freezing them, sonaring them, sniping them with a couple of shots into their death.







(small side note)


I looked on the wikia knowing they know the reduction values so with some math you could have the grineer, corpus or infested have stronger armor through some small tweaks (Not really small but you get the point.)



final Damage = modded Damage * mitigation multiplier



Damage Calculation with Armor Mitigation Multiplier = 1 / (1 + (Armor / 300))

Thus, using the formula of the Mitigation Multiplier, we get:

Damage = modded Damage / (1 + (Armor / 300))

Note that the mitigation multiplier is the (decimal) percentage of damage that will pass through armor.  


For example; The Lecta does 35 base electric damage unmodded, which will have no elemental damage multipliers against Grineer. Attacking a level 1 Grineer lancer with a base armor of 100 will result in 26 health damage. This is because 35 / (1 + (100 / 300)) = 26.31 damage, which when rounded down, deals 26.

Attacking a Grineer Trooper instead, who has 150 armor at level 1, will deal 23 health damage with the Lecta, because 35 / (1 + (150 / 300)) = 23.33, and again is rounded to 23 on screen.








As far as it goes, this is more of a question forum of your guy's thoughts vs a suggestion straight to DE. I do not wish to be the guy that makes things become implimented through one voice but many.

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