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New Grineer Hacking Minigame Zoom Stuck For Remainder Of The Mission


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Trying to keep it as straight forward as possible and stick to the report guidelines.

The new Grineer Hacking Minigame (Spinning Wheel of Annoyance as i've dubbed it >;) ) has the unfortunate side effect of occassionally (i have not yet been able to figure out a pattern) of getting the camera stuck zoomed right behind my head, basically the position it was in while zoomed in on the control consoles.

This leads to the camera spending the rest of the mission attached to my neck (my head filling 80% of the screen) or even glitching inside my warframe, making me transparent except for a few spread out small textures visible from the inside.

Repeated hacking on another console will not trigger the camera to move back to its designated normal position afterwards either. So far this has exclusively happened to me on the Valkyr Warframe, i have not been able to replicate it on other Frames.

The only solutions i have found were abandoning or (pretty much blindly) completing the mission, the camera is reset when loading a different mission.

This has never occured with the Corpus Hacking Minigame and appears to be exclusive to the Mercury/Saturn (Ship Interna) Grineer Tileset, particularly often appearing during Syndicate Missions (these are just shots in the dark though since i havent had nearly enough opportunities to make out a real pattern).

I have uploaded a Screenshot Example to my Steam Profile:


Hopefully this helps snuffing out this bug :)

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