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Primes Bits And Mods

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Bo Prime Ornament x1 (3p)

Boar Prime Receiver x1 (3p)

Boltor Prime Stock x1(3p)

Burston Prime Stock x6 (1p/each)

Dakra Prime Handle x1 (2p)

Ember Prime BP x1 (5p)

Ember Prime Chassis x1 (5p)

Fang Prime Blade x1 (2p)

Frost Prime Chassis x2 (3p)

Glaive Prime BP x1 (2p)

Latron Prime Receiver x1 (2p)

Orthos Prime BP x1 (3p)

Paris Prime Lower Limb x1 (2p)

Reaper Prime BP x1 (2p)

Rhino Prime Systems x2 (2p/each)

Sicarus Prime Barrel x2 (2p/each)




Max Eleventh Storm x1 (5p)

Unranked Barrel Diffusion x1 (10p)

Unranked Burdened Magazine x2 (5p/each)

Unranked Critical Deceleration x1 (5p)

Unranked Energy Channel x1 (2p)

Unranked Extend(Ach-melee Reach) x1 (3p)

Unranked Lingering Torment(Shotgun status duration increase) x1 (3p)

Unranked Master Thief x1 (1p)

Unranked Paralax Scope(Arch-gun Crit Chance) x1 (3p)

Unranked Thunderbolt x1 (5p)

Unranked Toxic Barrage x1 (5p) 

Unranked Vicious Spread x1 (10p)

Unranked Virulent Scourge x1 (5p)

Unranked Vital Sense x2 (10p/each)


If I am not in-game, leave a message or comment here.

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