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Jungle/beast Warframe Idea


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So after looking through the forums i did not see anything really close to this (if there is im sorry i just did not see it), and i think it would be cool to have a warframe that is directed towards jungles and animals, like being able to summon different beast or boost his senses to hunt.


Name: Thal, Fang, Beast, Kubrox (after kubrow obviously)



Health: 125 (375 at max)

Shields: 125 (375 at Max)

Power: 100 (150 max)

Stamina: 100

Armor: 45

Polarities: His aura would be a V and he would also come with a V and a D slot as well

Also he would have a 1.20 sprint speed and have a above average movement speed (he is a jungle/beast themed frame i feel as though he should be highly agile)

Also about his stats i want him to be a bit durable but not as tanky as valkyr or the big guys, he should focus more on his speed



 Ability 1: Kubrow Maul: Summons and ethereal kubrow to maul and ravage a single target for 500 slash damage at max rank, forced bleed proc if target does not die, kubrow disappears after use


Ability 2: Devour: devours a corpse of a fallen enemy to replenish 50% health at max rank, become invisible while eating


Ability 3: Feral senses: the frame heightens his senses and allies around him to see enemies around him highlighted in red through smoke and any other obstructions, also causes caster and allies to grow darker and harder to target (think of a big cat or similar animal stalking prey, it can see them, prey cant see you)


Ability 4: Primal Fury: caster slams fist into ground and summons 3 kubrow dens at max rank which produces 4 feral kubrows to fight for the Tenno. Last 25 seconds at max rank or until all kubrows die


As for his appearance i think this warframe should look a bit more organic but primal at the same time. That being said, i think he should have the "dreads" that the Predator has to add to the whole wild man theme. Also maybe a skirt thing like Volt and Trinity but have it more frayed looking


His ultimate is the only thing im sorta unsure of so feel free to comment ideas for a better ultimate, and i do realize Warframe does not have too much wild life in it and this frame would probably work better if more were added.


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