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A Suggestion For Syndicate Reputation And Gameplay Additions.


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*Viver should not be discussed since simply doing a mission with a Syndicate's banner on your Warframe will be yielding a static amount of Rep per mission depending on the level range of the mission with this suggestion being implemented.



This thread lists suggestions that will add to the gameplay while also giving players a reliable and efficient way to earn rep for their Syndicate.



So let's actually make the missions interesting. I'm talking about missions like Exterminate, Capture, Deception, etc. Those missions are boring as all Hek because they're extremely simple and linear and give no memorable experiences to the player outside of the funny bugs and glitches that may occur.


See those lockers and crates? Put something in them that's worth it. See those parts of the level, like on the Corpus outpost tileset where there's a medical lab that is inaccessible to the player? Fill it with something that the player can get. Got a lot of empty space that's really just for eye candy? Put something there.



What is this something that would be put in these locations?


Items of Interest for the Syndicates.


If you find them, you get a massive amount of Syndicate reputation when you bring them with you to Extraction.


Here's how I'd value Syndicate rep gain:


Level 1-10: 500 Rep


Level 11-20: 1250 Rep


Level 21-25: 1500 Rep


Level 26-30: 2000 Rep


Level 31-35: 2500 Rep


Level 36+: 3000 Rep


Now let's include Survival and Defense/Interception missions.


Survival: Tenno Operative uncovers Item of Interest after 15+ minutes. Only can be obtained twice with a 30% chance of it being a reward.


Defense/Interception: Item of Interest is a reward after Wave 15.




Now let's make this even more interesting.


In non-defense/survival type missions, the Item of Interest can be replaced by a Person of Interest that turns out to be an agent for the Syndicate. If you find them, they will inform the players of what they need to do to earn more Reputation for their syndicate. These tasks can be mini games, or something that isn't exactly a part of the standard shoot and slash gameplay. The reward can range from 500 to 2000 rep points, depending on the level of the mission that the player is playing in.



And for my final suggestion:


Bring back Assassination to the Alerts. Develop bosses or mini bosses for the Tenno to fight. The type of boss changes depending on which Syndicate you're currently fighting for. Your reward is also increased if you kill them the way the Syndicate wants you to kill them. They may ask you to kill them with a Headshot. They may ask you to kill them only using your melee weapon. They may ask you to kill them by using the environment.


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Another suggestion I have is Archwing Mining, where instead of being armed with a gun and a melee weapon the Tenno must use a Mining Lance and metal detector of sorts to find artifacts or valuables that their Syndicate may want, on top of rewards like resource caches, rare mods, and perhaps weapon blue prints.


Yes, with this idea we'd literally be farming.

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