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Archwing Camera


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  I've just tried the archwing and I have to say great work DE! this really adds some interesting gameplay, and I hope to see many more archwing missions, boss fights and maybe archwing action on planets. My only problem with archwing mode in it's current state is the camera.


  Now I don't know if there are limitations, but I think since we are in space we need some more camera freedom. Going up in a head direction or leg direction the camera gets stuck and a little tweaking to this or even an extra option for a more free camera would improve this for me personally. 


  Id also like to see enemies coming from more directions like foot direction or head direction, as well as flanking, it doesn't makes sense since there are no real directions in space. This seems like an AI feature.


  What I would also like to see is better tracking of objectives in space. Besides all that I really feel like Archwings are a step in the right direction and I'm excited to see future archwings, and new combat modes that incorporate archwings.


(my dream is to fly through a infested hive or a grinner/corpus city fighting planetary forces, being able to go from platform to platform.)



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