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A Truly Customizable Weapon?


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Damage: 30

Firerate: 6

Accuracy: 45

Critical Hit: 1.5/20%

Status: 15%

Magazine: 50

Reload: 2.3

Trigger: Auto




Above are some numbers I came up with for a weapon that has no "proper" way for modding. It's meant to be a low tier weapon with easier access.


Remember staring at the MK1 Braton's description for the first time? Customizable into many different roles? Well, it can't, but hopefully this one can.


I put the damage at 30 with a very low firerate and high accuracy to create a middle ground between Latron and full auto rifles. Its Burst DPS is slightly lower than the Tetra's, but made up for with hitscan and accuracy.


You can sacrifice damage mods for more firerate, and Vile Acceleration and/or Speed Trigger can it up to an acceptable rate at the cost of damage.


You can sacrifice accuracy for Heavy Calibur, although it will slightly be more accurate than other weapons with Heavy Calibur.


You can sacrifice two mod slots for Critical Hit Mods, but you need at the very least 2 of those mods to be effective. You potentiall sacrifice elemental mods or firerate mods.


You can also choose the invest for the decent status chance.




Basically, you can't have everything on this weapon. So, how would you mod this weapon? Just list the mods.

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