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More Secondary Objectives.


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When getting the message "there are some hidden grineer caches in this mission" i think, bonus stuff for me/us.

So here is some ideas, for what could allso be "secondary objectives"


Defence, Survival, interception and excavation missions, might have a problem with the most of the bonus objectives, so it they might not have the chance of bonus objectives.


Secret caches - the "grineer caches" of course, but allso "Corpus caches" and "Orokin caches" (same thing, just with the other factions)


Mini-boss - A special enemy (like Lynx or something (strong, but not as strong a real boss) is hideing somewhere on the map, beat it to gain a reward. (Special mods? or just random stuff)

The mini-boss spawn in it's special room (like the main bosses, they have an "arena" for them self) a random place on the map, there is a chance that the players HAVE to beat the miniboss to proceed (the room is on the path to the objective and the doors are locked until the mini-boss is beat), but there should be a higher chance that the room is via a "side way".


Single Excavation - ONLY on planets, not on ships. Lotus have found a single buried artifact, and if you go to the dig site, she will send an excavator down, defend it to gain a random mod (maybe a gold mod or a small(1%?) chance for a nightmare mod. if the extractor is destroyed, you just won't get the reward, but the mission won't fail.

Thinking, if it is a better reward than from normal excavation, should it take 200 sec instead of the standard 100 sec?

Don't know if it is a good idea to have Powercell carriers spawn (what to use the extra power cells for? or jut let them disapear?)


Data theft - When doing something else than a spy mission, there is a chance that the secondary opjective is to go and steal a single datamass (like in a spy mission, there is just only 1 datamass), bring it to the extraction point to gain the reward.


Wrongfull imprisoned - A civilian have been imprisoned by the Grineer / Corpus for no reason (or just for looking like supporting the Tenno), be a bringer of justice and correct this injustice. Just free the prisoner from the brig and keep him/her alive. (no reward if he/she dies, and mission won't fail of course)

There is a chance that there will be an "extra" prisoner to save when doing a rescue mission, this will just be a civilian as this bonus objective, but the players won't know about the extra prisoner before they open the prison cells (if the right prisoner was found in first try, there will be some noise and shouting and Lotus will tell you that it shounds like there is an other prisoner and it is the player(s) own choice to open the cell)


Corpus and Grineer vault(s) - Only partly like the Orokin vault in Derelict. There is a chance to find it, but it isn't 100%, you don't need a special key to open it, but you will have to solve a hacking puzzle and then defend the console/door from the faction you are trying to steal from, just like a defence mission, after 5 mins of defending, the door opens and reveal the vault, (a few rows of lockers and a main reward)

The main reward is a locked box that a player have to carry in the off-hand, but it contains a special mod (not like the corrupted mods from the derelict, but a more simple type of mod, but still special) or a part of a weapon (maybe some prime weapons or a weapon special to the faction you just robbed). bring it to the extraction point to take it home and unlock.


There can of course allso be sometype of sabotage and deception bonus missions, but this is mostly to create a good idea of how they can be.

Allso, I think it could be nice if there was a chance that when ariveing at extraction, you have to do an archwing escape mission just like in the archwing questline.


Please come you your feedback about this post and your own ideas.

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