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Issue: Alert Mission With Ice=Nightmare


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Seriously stop making random ice appear on simple alert missions. I was curious if I can do it in solo, with my Nekros and my Kubrows.


Kubrows died very early in game.

Then I started dieing since no shield and top of that they apply bleeding on me. (using maxed formad boltor + leveling low lvl weapons so I can't isnta kill them, if I want to lvl my weapons now can I?).

I spent the 4 revive my kubrows NEVER revived with me...


Get rid of the random ice on alerts or just make ice nightmare, simple as that. There is no feedback before you start the alert mission that it will be ice on the map, so I can't even apply the ice protection mod on the go can I?


Another long-over due stupid issue, still in game, frustrating as hell.

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