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Coming Soon: Devstream #41 + Aftershow!

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Who: Rebecca will be on the couch with Geoff, Steve and Sheldon + THIS JUST IN: we will have a special returning surprise guest!


What: We will be doing a Q&A Session with questions from this thread and chat.


Prizes? Why yes, we’ll be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes! But wait,THERE’S MORE! We will also be giving out:





Yes, if you missed this awesome prize last Devstream, you have another chance! Thank you Nvidia for your generosity! Tune in for your chance to win! 


Where: Find us at http://twitch.tv/Warframe!


When: Join us for Devstream #41 on November 14th at 2 PM EST!  www.worldtimebuddy.com.


DEVSTREAM AFTERSHOW: Guinness World Record Attempt!


When the stream ends at 3 PM EST, we will be immediately kicking off our Guinness World Record attempt. We need your help: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/344235-call-for-action-guinness-world-record-attempt-nov-14-3-4-pm-est/


See you Friday, thread closes 10 AM EST on Nov 14th!

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Can't wait!




1 More methods to obtain syndicate reputation;


Syndicates so far to most older players have been a major grind rather than something to take slowly and complete over time, how will syndicates be improved to allow older players to enjoy them especially considering we have to experience the same content as new players which this system seems to be designed for (the amount of xp you need tor each rank 5 in a syndicate is the same as required to attain MR 16, meaning this is meant to take hundreds of hours to complete, and the syndicate alerts are similar to exiting alerts)


Will we see new ways to obtain syndicate reputation that will reward our loyalty to and continued passion for the game?


- Syndicate quests - Take longer to complete ( similar to mirage quest ) and require playing multiple days, but with high payout (10-20k rep per quest), will this be considered?


-Syndicate mission objectives - Additional challenges similar to mission challenges that can be done as side objectives for reasonable amounts of additional rep (maybe 500 +) per mission, particularly for non-endless missions, wouldn't this be a cool way to get more people to play non-endless missions as alternatives for rep gain as tehy are faster and more simple?


2 I've asked about this before but when will warframe trailers be redone? A lot of them have become outdated as warframes and abilities have been changed for the improvement of the game, a new player seeing the trailers to learn about the warframes will not know anything much for certain from trailers, defeating their purpose to guide new players to choosing / getting new frames suiting their playstyle



edit; bolded and underlined for important points <3

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Will you be wearing false moustaches for the after stream event?

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Will Archwing ever be incorporated into normal missions (and vice versa)? 



1. Fly around

2. Kill some enemies

3. Lotus: "Enemy frigate approaches; board it and kill the crew."

4. Resume Archwing.



Example of said Frigate I've been 3d Modeling:






Enjoy the zoom ;)



Modeled in Creo Parametric 2 and rendered in Keyshot 5...if anyone is interested.

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Please will we be seeing the ability to craft multiples of the same item(maybe for higher rush cost)? Like if we want to craft 50 energy restores :D

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some questions:


Q1: Will we be able one day to look up how many marks we have from each minibosses? And will we be able to see for the stalker which mark we still have from which boss?

Q2: Will there ever be a life and shield bar similar to the bar for sentinels for specters and syndicate specters?

Q3: Will we have beside immortal skin other skins?


Q4: Will we ever have Chako-meele?

Q5: Will there be kubrow armor and attachments?

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We have all seen the contoversy surrounding Viver this past week. Nerf it, don't nerf it, etc. Given the feedback you've reciced so far, what plans do you have for Viver? Are you going to take action on it soon or give it some more time?

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Who is the voice actress for cephalon suda?

And i want to ask her if she wants to be my Liset-AI!



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Can we make it so you can hold more then one vault key in your inventory but only put one in your gear slot?

I know some would like to make these in advace and so far the only way to do that is leave them in your foundry but if you where to missclick you might grab one by mistake and now you will have 2 witch means double the buff if you are the one that will carry that key. and since the time to craft is so short maybe incresse that to balance out being able to make them in advance.


I would also like to see the ablity to craft more then 1 item at a time.

Maybe at a much higher time frame to craft (since i dont mind waiting any how) and/or a higher rush cost.


Thoughts on more Archwing missions.

I heard about a boss mission based around the Archwing and i know its new and all but what ideas might be in the works for it.


Will gun and warframe slots limitations ever go away?

It's a thing that bothers me the most. Limiting to 2 warframe slots and only a few gun slots can cause some ppl to stop playing once they relize this limitation if they are just comming into the game.


Any chance for a trainging dumby in the Dojo where we can see damages of weapons or maybe atleast a way to test warframes and weapons so there is no needless speading of any kind?

It seems that most of the weapons are just numbers and a short discription of the weapon in the markeplace and codex and the only way to know how it works is to buy the BP make it (witch means waiting time for people like me that spend plat on things other then rushiing) and then taking it to a low lvl planet and trying it out only to find its not something that you would be interested in using


Could there be a way to have a vote on who host a mission if the current host has lag issues?

Having lag in a mission can sometimes be bad or good depending on what type i have had lag that has made it so i can damage things but i am very desynced causing me to stealth crit everything on other times i can do no damage at all. could we maybe addin a voting system that if enough of the squad votes that the host could be changed?


Is there any improvments planned in Rail and PVP missions in regards to the Lag and Desync issues that happen?

Maybe putting in the same system as stated above for these missions too although im not really sure how these missions are hosted.


Any chance on incressing the drop rate of Kubrow eggs just a bit?

took me about 4 hours to get my first egg although shortly after while that one was waiting on my power core a second one dropped maybe make this jsut a bit higher so its less likely to be random chance or atleast incresse it for the frist inital egg.


So i think these are all the question i can come up with. hope to see you guys this friday and will deffenitly be in the mustach Dojo party after the stream. Poor Mag will have to deal with growing out that stash.

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Quick question for the Stream:


(When) Will we be able to get rid of all those excess Nav Segments? I have hundreds in my inventory. It would be awesome if we could sell them, or if you only ever get one.

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Any idea on if there will be Syndicate expansions for U16 or sooner?


Eg: Custom NPC's/Hunters, Syndicate bases, better rewards etc. I would love to see some custom soldiers in-game at some point instead of a transmission screen :D

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I'd like to hear news about the state of Ember and her much needed BUFFS/LOVE in terms of CC and surviveability!

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Those fingernails lie. Rebecca's rolling 20s with those Titans.

Also, question: now that ability mods are rolled into the frames themselves, can the core weapon mods (serration, etc.) be rolled into the weapons themselves to give them a sense of progression and the other mods a bit more prominence?

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1.) Syndicate reputation gains are currently based entirely on earned affinity which means reputation is extremely biased toward endless missions with high body counts and certain specific strategies to maximize body count. Is dev considering other possibilities for reputation rewards, like multipliers for sigil ownership and flat rewards for missions completed or time spent in combat?


2.) Archwing currently feels detached from the bulk of Warframe, like an entirely different game. Will we see more bridges between the two modes to make it feel like an integral part?

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Hi Rebecca, you asked me to put this in last dev stream questions...so I thought I'd chance it here again.

Is there any plan to change some usage for codex so it has a more viable use :)

Can we get a Codex databasr Dojo mobspawner :)

Thanks :)


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Okay D.E. ,here's my question list,like everytime :


1) What is the update status of/Can we see some sneak peeks of :


Swimming?(animations, how will it work,can we use our powers underwater,and so on)

Tyl Regor?


Other bosses being reworked?(especially Nef & Derf)

The new underwater tilesets?



Enemies of the tenno submissions?

  - Jugernaut?

  - Manic Grineer?

  - Grineer arcbomber?

  - Riot MOA?

  - Are other non-winner submissions planned?



Stealth 2.0?(Spy 2.0,Deception 2.0 alternate paths,ability to shut down/shoot the lights, a tool from the market to distract enemies,rewards for stealth,stealth finishers that stun an enemy a long time if it doesn't kill it...)

Parkour 2.0? Geoff was really interested in ledge grab mechanics.Is it still planned?

Talking about this :



Hek,we could even get a climbing mechanic! That's what ninja did to infiltrate castles!


The New Warframe?



Dojo's shoting range/combat simulation room?

Dojo's aquariums?

Other pets than kubrows & sentinel? A flying one like this maybe? :


New varied weapons? Someone told me that Nunchuks are coming soon! I'm really curious about that! :) Also, I heard something about a minigun for normal missions(with a proper grip animation). True?


2) Will charge attacks ever return? If yes,when? Otherwise, why?

3) Is it possible that syndicates replace the Lotus as syndicate missions announcers? You know, like Ordis & Darvo did in some missions. (Darvo's transmissions comeback maybe?)

  - I find it strange that syndicates Death squads are just modified eximus regular units. Why shouldn't they get their own special forces for the task?

  - Will we see more intervention from them ingame? I always wished to help a squad of real Steel Meridians in distress.

4) Can we have some syndicates appearance cosmetics for our frames? The Rakta syandana for the Red Veil, or the cool hood from the Steel Meridian leader, for instance.

5) Mr. Steve was really interested in getting Difficulty sliders. Is it possible to have difficulty settings in the future?

6) When can we expect a "Void 2.0"?

   - Other corrupted enemies?(Why are lancers & heavy gunners the only one to be corrupted?Same question for the infested ancients?)

   - Will we ever see orokin assassination keys coming in the future?(One for each key, with an increasing difficulty and different bosses?)

   - Other gamemodes for the Void/Derelict?

7) Are more variations of normal enemies planned? Why are the lancers the only enemies to get an elite version?

   - Will we also get more planet-specific variations of enemies? Frontier/Arid enemies, and variations towards the Corpus aswell?

   - We know that Grineer are clones, but Corpus crewmen are average people,yet unmasked they all look the same. Will other faces be implemented for the Corpus, and more variations for them?(there was a black guy & an asian guy in the trailer "The profit",for instance.) Found the proof :


8) Will we see other warframe skins like the Proto-armor Excal, for other frames too? (like some inspired directly from concepts : especially female Ash,Blaze or original Zephyr) Even if it's plat only,trust me, a lot of people will purchase these.

9) Will you add Typhus one day?(A thread of >140 pages + a mention in a prime time D.E.!) Same question for other popular community frames?

10) When is Nekros getting his well deserved rework? He's the Angel of Death, not just a desecrater!

11) I was really pleased to listen to the Void/derelict ambient songs. Do you have other music samples for us? :)

12) Some veterans have the feeling that Warframe lost its initial atmosphere. They said it had a darker/creepier/more serious mood than what we got now,tilesets became too bright, and Gore got toned down since Damage 2.0. What is your opinion about this?Did we really lose it? If yes, why?



13) Archwings definitely added the "space" in "space ninja". However,some people fail to see where the "ninja" in "space ninja"/"ninja play free" could be...What would you do to show this aspect?

14) Can PC players get a key for walking?Weird that only controllers players can.

15) Why did you remove the Grineer sawmen?Is it possible to bring them back?

16) Have you already worked on the Grineer Twin Queens & have things to say/show about it? Hve you planned an ultimate Corpus boss aswell?(Infested are currently the only faction with one : Lephantis, and it's amazing.)

Please, can you talk about old stuff/old promises made and actually show some upcoming content in this devstream,like you did way back? Some people really want these questions to be answered as they seemed...Ignored for a long time. :/

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Question 1:


Love the new syndicate exclusive warframe ability augment mods! And love that the Design Council is being polled for ideas for new ones. My question is: have these and the forthcoming focus system and the new abilities system (with abilities no longer taking up slots) put an end to the generic mods that Design Council were polled on so many months back? Or are the generic Warframe abilities still in the works? And if so, how would that work now with the new ability system? Please discuss. 


Question 2:


Again, love the new ability augment mods. But it seems to many in the community that, barring a few exceptions (notably Ash's Smoke Screen), while cool and innovative and fun, many of the new ability mods are not worth a precious mod slot (especially since there are only eight of them now). Do you agree with this assessment? If not, what would be your reply? If so, would you consider some of the current proposals to redress the situation (e.g. have an extra mod slot or number of mod slots determined by mastery devoted purely to ability augment mods, much as there are existing slots reserved exclusively for stances, or for auras)? Do you have any of your own proposals? Please discuss.

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Another Titan?! Jesus ****** Nvidia, calm your %&#036;#. 


Wait, no, do NOT calm your %&#036;#, instead, give away more Titan cards! 




Actual Question: Will you guys try to roll out a modestly sized Update 16 before the end of the year or we can expect a big XX.5 like last year? 


Actual Question: What is your thought on the recent Hot Topics? Were they eye opening or expected? What about the frames quoted as needing tweaks, are they on the table?


Actual Question: Can we please have some QoL improvement to Kubrows before the holidays?


Actual Question: Who do I lobby/harass/stalk to get a mobile app to browse the forums? As a Tenno on the go, I would really like an app where I can opt out of loading things like threads I won't read because they're in another language, statistics I don't have a need for and with really light data all around to use on roaming network. 

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Can we get some more information on walls, lamposts and other previously climbable objects getting a push effect added onto them, to make them inaccesable? Not being able to climb stuff when i'm a spaceninja isn't what i was expecting.

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I Have four questions I've been wanting to ask for a while...


1: I been wanting to ask this for a while but when will Corpus actually get some lore\back story? We already know a lot about the Grineer, the Tenno and even the infested we know only small pieces of the Corpus.


2: Will we ever be able to sell the Nav Segments, I have over 100 Nav segments from various bosses and seems if they will not be used let us sell them.


3: I love how the new Corpus enemies in the Archwing mission actually are using weapons that we get from Corpus tech, will you be expanding the enemies on all factions to use weapons we get from them, such as having some Grineer use maybe the Jat kittag, or Attarax etc.


4: Will you ever get rid of Trinity's lobster tail?

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Two things that always make my day, updates and devstreams!


My biggest questions lately are:


Will archwing missions eventually have credit and resource drops, as well as non-archwing mod drops?

If so, do you have an ETA on when these will be implemented?


What is the probability that the Opticor will get an increased explosive radius or innate punchthrough?

I have seen some people (myself included) who think the Opticor should either have a larger explosive radius, or have the explosion removed completely and replaced with an innate punch through (at least on full charge).


Has the DE team considered adding a feature similar to the simulation area during rank up tests in either the Liset or perhaps as a dojo room?

More specifically an area that you can get a feel for how your frames and weapons move and perform. E.g. parkour areas and invincible dummies that display damage numbers.


I'd also like to give you guys a big thumbs up for supporting such a great cause, and I will be joining you and wishing the best of luck during the false mustache record attempt!

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