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Buff Physical Damage, Reload Speed, Max Ammo And Mag Size Mods.


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Another reason why damage mods + elemental rainbows (and crits, if a weapon allows it) are dominant is because "utility" and physical damage mods are garbage. The game doesn't allow me to try something else and be effective at the same time.


Impact/Puncture/Slash damage mods should be brought up to 90% for all weapons since physical damage is less effective than special elemental one vs factions.


All reload speed mods should be brought up to 50-60% at max (most action RPGs like Borderlands or Fallout3/NV allow you boost reload speed drastically, so I don't there will be any problem with that)


All magazine size mods should have more ranks and be around 100% at max rank. 30% is a joke.


All max ammo pool mods should be brought to 200-300% max ammo because they are outclassed by ammo mutation mods.

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I agreed with all of this except for the damage ones, serration and hornet strike are 10 rank mods that add over 100%. We need a ten rank point blank for shottys. 


The damage specific mods are to be used in conjunction with the base damage mods.

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Easiest fix would be to take the generic 'increases 1 type of damage' mods and simply make them dual stat.


Piercing Hit has no reason to only be only puncture and make it so low.

Take those old mods, make them dual stat, maybe even give them new names.




Firey Noogie - +300% impact +30% fire


Blazing Needle -  +300% puncture +30% fire


Particularly Upset Knife - +300% slash +30% fire


Vomiting Hammer - +300%impact +300%puncture


Every lackluster mod in this game would be worth using if they were dual stat and added some sort of damage buff. Even if it was a wee buff like 15%.

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I would really like to see reload speed mods for primary weapons worthy of a whole slot.


Once again, I feel like there should be an "utility slot" much like a stance slot for melee weapons. Which could be reload speed, accuracy, recoil etc.


Maybe that.... Ah, I still miss those additive mods 1.0. I had like 0.5 seconds reload speed for HEK!

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Buff physical damage mods to cap at +60% damage and make them add damage based of total base damage, even if base damage is elemental. There I said it, let Piercing Hit add 60% Puncture damage to Amprex.


Ammo cap, mag size, reload speed should all have either double number of ranks or double effect.


And streamline base damage and elemental mods as well. Start at 4, 10 ranks, 15% -> 165% damage at cap, Serration, Hornet Strike, Point Blank and Pressure point.

Start at 4, 5 ranks, cap 10% -> 60% all elemental mods.

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