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Constant Flow Of Enemies Is What Endless Missions Need(Fast Spawning) No More Sleepwalking Or Sleepkilling.


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There are countless endless missions on maps that suck. Need enemies flowing in from all sides. A certain node that shall not be named is perfect example of this. Fast spawning.


or else things would get boring especially for alerts and survival.


Note that current spawn rates are HORRIBLE! Although...


Currently Grineer survival alerts on formian ships come close to this as well. Close, but not enough.


Nightmare Alert is the only challenge here for endless types, however the 4s can nullify half the difficulty if not 25%


Bring on the genocide.


Wave after wave after wave of enemies flowing in constantly spawning once as their brethren die.


No more going afk at defense point while the @heroes@ run amok especially in alerts. And no more boring Defense missions and survivals either. This is how it should be on high level planets so bring on the pain.


This falling asleep during these missions must end.


And if there are 4 mercenaries there doing massive damage, have the spawn rate go all out :)


Counter the massive damage with Eximus, etc. massive spawn rate of them depending on your damage...sort of.


Hell, certain enemies can always resist aoe damage should aoe be spammed...


And take into consideration corrupt and nightmare mods maybe used. Once detected, increase those numbers greatly depending on brokenness or number of corrupt mods and certain mods, etc.


Also take into effect certain non corrupt mods and of course conclave.



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It would definitely be a nice option to have spawn rates tied to enemy levels, so in very high level missions things would get hectic.


I am hesitant about having increased spawn rates all round, as it could cause issues for newer players on lower level planets.

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This should be in feedback.


Anyway, yes, higher spawn rates on some maps would be nice. And considering that node which must not be named is on one of the later planets, it makes sense that it would have higher spawn rates. Lower level planets wouldn't benefit much from higher spawn rates considering they are designed for lower level players.

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im all for the enemies being more aggressive




like other posts/threads have brought up, even if the mobs spawn in the hundreds at a time, the players have powers that can kill them all with the press of ONE button =/


thusly we need something besides just droves of cannon fodder-type enemies =/


we need more mini-boss type 'force-multiplier' mobs


IMHO the infested ancient healers actually do this the best so far, as their dmg resistance aura makes them viable threats to be focused on, and protects the grunts around them from massive AoE dmg


the eximus thing is aight, and certainly better than what we had b4 (ie nothing)


but i really think the corpus need another 'tech' unit that spawns mobile shields/cover for them, or have more hyena/lynx units in more missions


and the grineer 'commander' unit needs something other than swap teleport, maybe a personal escort of 4 flameblades or flashbangs or some kind of unit morale/rally/cover boost


it would be really great if different units could incite more complex tactics in the AI, like once a certain unit shows up, the AI responds accordingly to leverage it to their best advantage vs the tenno

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I think it should at least be its own Mission Mode. Not everyone wants this game to be completely Run & Gun. I personally like the ninja stealth aspect of the game along with the futuristic weaponry. If I wanted to fight constant waves of relentless mindless enemies I would play Left 4 Dead. What the game needs is variety. I'm all for a Massacre Mode. As long as we don't lose other aspects that make this game awesome.

Also have to remember how hordes of enemies would affect player behaviors. As is on missions where I know I am going to have huge amounts of enemies rushing me at the same time, like infested defense or hive missions the first thing I do is grab my Penta and my Angstrum. Not to mention it affects what Frame I choose to take to the mission. If that's what Warframe became all the time, the load-outs players choose would start to trend in the same directions.

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You should brush up what what endless missions are. Don't see how stealth even applies there.


And survival/excavation is the Warframe equivalent of Left 4 Dead.

Like I said, as long as there are still missions where stealth is a part of the game play I'm fine with missions that have endless waves of enemies. Hell, defense and survival modes are two of my favorite modes. Just don't think every mission type needs endless hordes.

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No really. The idea around Eximus units were to be force-multipliers. Are they currently working like you or I think they should? No, but they were added to be a type of mini-boss, or "high priority" target.


HP tgts, maybe, and yes i realize that 'may' have been the intention behind their introduction into the game, but i can't say i know that for a fact since i wasn't in the inner circle for the meeting


but when i talk about mini-boss type enemies, im thinking more like the hyena's and the lynx and sprag and the G3 or stalker or zanuka (i realize some of these are the current "boss" characters, but they are NOT on the same level as reworked bosses like Lephantis or Vay Hek)


like i said, the eximus units are fine, but they are NOT enough, we need enemies that change the encounter, that change the engagement and force the tenno to use a variety of tactics, enemies that cannot be defeated with the same 1-button presses (give enemies a block ability or short duration aegis shield, etc) 

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Ofc, sounds awesome. I know that problem since i love running survivals, because i dont want to start a new mission every few minutes xP. The spawn rates in general need some work yes, and about the high level areas, it would be great to see something >difficult<, like for example surprising Grineer reinforcements on Ceres, pwning in your face while you are already in approach with another platoon.


Hope the spawn thing is noticed by the DEvs.

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