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Checkered Wall Of Death... Again


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Again I have encountered the checkered impassable, invulnerable wall with the mysterious disappearing burn mark in the middle. This time, in the 3rd mirage mission, the hive mission Charybdis on Sedna.


Only this time, it was at the beginning only 3-4 rooms in behind the door. Infested could pass but I couldn't. Seems more of a random thing because I have done several missions since the first incident and have not encountered it since, but from what you said yesterday that it was an event in which it was encountered, and I with 2 mirage missions, it would seem that it appears in irregular missions that change the format of the original node. Such as changing a survival mission into an exterminate alert, or a hive infestation. Possibly from faction changes entirely. Just a theory


I posted my original bug report in the general bug page.


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