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(Ps4-Specific) Suggestion: Melee 3.0


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I've seen previous threads on this before, but I can't locate them at the moment.  In essence: I feel like there's a lot of untapped potential doing combos on the PS4.  Having to mash R1 when I'm in Melee 2.0 is counter-intuitive to me.  Pressing R1 while I have a gun equipped for "quick melee" is good.  I like this, don't change it.  But when I press-and-hold triangle to go melee-only (or the more brash tenno that just bring their Nikatanas into battle), The R1, R1, (pause) R1, and the R1, (hold)R1, R1 combos are counter-intuitive to a trigger-happy game like this one.


Instead, I propose a combat system that utilizes the face buttons for increased accuracy:


Square - Light Attack

Triangle - Heavy attack

O or L2 - Block

X - Jump


Such that R1, R1, (pause) R1 becomes X, X, Triangle and

                R1, (HoldR1), R1 becomes X, Triangle, X


Or some variant thereof. In this way, we don't have to think about holding buttons down longer than necessary, and the shoulder buttons can be used for blocking (or the O button), channeling, and give flexibility to a "quick-fire" option.  I.e. R1 while in Melee 3.0 would fire off a quick shot or a quick burst (in the case of automatics) from your side-arm (or primary if a secondary is not equipped).


In this way, we can have even tighter controls for melee, while not losing anything on the gunplay side of things.  It would also allow for greater flexibility if a stance mod is not equipped.  Sometimes I just want to do a slam attack with my Galatine, but I have to hit Melee twice and use two lesser strikes instead of the slower, more powerful strikes.  With "melee 3.0", I could just hit triangle and cleave my foes in twain.


Often, I have my Dual Zoren equipped, and with a stance mod equipped, I just spam quick-fire because the stance mod slows my combos down, but if I just want to do a flurry of quick attacks while in melee mode, my "melee 3.0" suggestion would allow players to use square to hit the quick attacks, and then initiate combos with square and triangle.


In summary:

-Remapping the buttons gives better control

-Remapping the buttons gives players more combat options.

-Separating heavy and light attacks makes combos clearer


Thank you for your time!

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I suggested this as well. I also suggested that some or all of the category stances should be combined (example: Tranquil Cleave shows off mostly light attack combos, while Crimson Dervish would be mostly heavy attack combos, so put them together and you have one large set of combos). Certain combos already in the game would mix light and heavy attacks already, and more could be added that do it more.

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