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Best Loki Prime Melee Weapon?



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For invisibility stacked you want a weapon that's good at chasing or even projectile. Try Gleaming Talon and see if you like it.


For radial disarm stacked you want arcs and multi-hits, CC and a bit of range. Try out the whip, staff and polearm stances to see if you like those but don't get too focused on single target. Doing Radial Disarm in a big crowd will get you LOTS of melee attention. You want to pick a stance for being able to deal with that.

I think whips are best because of their range and AoE. If you have a decoy down, it's much easier to attack a dogpile with a whip than with a staff IMO. The 'around the world' PBAoE spin whip attack from one of the stances is also about as good as it gets for fighting in a big chaotic environment. Whips also seem to have that heavy weapon quality where you won't always get knocked down while attacking. Sometimes stuff that should knock you down or pull you just fails to work when you're attacking with a whip.




Scindo Prime is way too slow for either build.


Dragon Nikana probably doesn't have the range, but I haven't used it a ton.


Dakra Prime would not be my choice except for looks. Iron Phoenix's combo that does a big AoE knockdown could be cool if you like doing finishers but it's a pain to do that over and over, and the damage isn't THAT great. Crimson Dervish has the deeps but it's basically standing in place doing that deeps to something that's close enough to stuff dollar bills in your waistband... Try it and decide for yourself but I think you'll pass on Crimson Dervish.


Dual Ichor could work. Swirling (sweeping?) Tiger I think the stance was called. Real good for moving from target to target if you're aggressive and they don't stack up too badly.

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Surely there is a "best" weapon as "best" is not subject to personal taste.

Does there always have to be a "best"? Best can mean anything to someone. Best at status chance, best at all around, best in certain fields of status chance, best at flat out damage, best at critical damage. There is no true best at all. It is all, in the end, situational or on personal taste.

That is, unless they release some sort of god-weapon that does max damage, has max crit chance, max attack speed, status chance, and all procs happen every hit.

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Bo Prime is actually very good with Loki, it has the mobility required along with damage AND status. 

Otherwise I usually use Dual Ichors (or Zorens) for their mobility and damage. 


ALSO, Glaive Prime is fantastic for disarm/decoy builds when you are using it with Power Throw/Quick Return. HUGE stealth damage explosions while invis. 

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