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Does Resource Drop Chance Booster Stack? Also How Does It Function?



So I could not find it with a quick search but was curious for the purposes of optimisation.


The resource drop chance booster has the ingame text:


"Doubles the chance of resource drops"


Now I wonder does anyone know how this works. Which of the following:


A) Drop extra resources that only the person with the booster can see

B) Gives extra resource drops if the person with the booster kills a mob

C) Gives extra resource drops if anyone in the squad kills a mob.



Also does it stack?

If one person has the booster is that the maximum "doubling" or if two players have a drop booster does it improve? What if three or four people have it?


What about Nekros? Does it up his drop chance on desecrate if he has a booster? What if a squad mate has a booster?


I am curious if anyone has seen any answers from DE on the use of these boosters before I start asking directly.


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