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De, Are You Ready?


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This game has plenty of content, and it's downright AMAZING. But on the other hand, much of it needs fixing. To give a few examples:


Excalibur's state of constant nerf

Trinity's state of constant nerf

Archwing's considerably bland movement (no maneuvers, really?)

The Syndicate (Lack of lore and incredible grind)

Survival too RNG based

Stalker is not a proper assassin


But, to solve all the issues (not bugs, issues), it's going to take an incredible amount of time to resolve these problems. I was just praying against everything that DE, would you get burnt out? I know you're far from it, but is it possible you would one day, abandon Warframe, a project that in my experience is matched by no other? I joined this game because of the art. I played for the lore and experience. And I stayed for the sheer ambition that this game has. I fully support you as a studio and love your work, and want nothing more than to help you in providing feedback (because, as much as I love you, I don't agree with some things you did). I just don't want to see a game of such promise fall short because of community feedback being to harsh or the amount of things that are to be developed is too high. Please, as a request from player to developer, don't work too hard and burn yourself out.






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By that you mean holding space and control? Those aren't even maneuvers, they're just going up and down.


No, do a quick tap of sprint. It gives you a rapid dash in the direction you're moving, and if you do it while aiming you get a huge dodge roll. You can also take advantage of the climbing dash to move super fast at an upwards diagonal.

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