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Ahhh You Could Have Just Changed The Tileset On Viver. This Other Stuff Is Unnessary


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Honestly the exploit at its base was a small map that had infinite spawn. Replacing it with a different(larger) tileset would have fixed this very quickly. 


I absolutely don't see the need to nerf three frames, and the way interception works. I'm especially sad about a few players i know of that LOVE excalibur, that were so happy about the javelin buff, who never once played viver. Not to mention all the mag and trinity users who just had one, if not the most important power nerfed due to a easily solved exploit.


You could even remove viver completely and I would be much more happy with the game then I am now.

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The concept of changing this node is looking only at the immediate problem and not the entirety of the game play.


The node was never really the issue. People were using it as an exploit because...that's how people are want to be. The root of the issue lies in WHY people were flocking to this node.


As it's been said, unfortunately not enough, but the problem wasn't Viver. The problem was more in line with players wanting to gain Reputation points faster, in order to achieve Syndicate levels, in order to unlock rewards.

This problem is based on the calculations players had made, determining how long it would take to farm certain nodes, and ultimately finding the "best" place to gain points quickly. Players did this in order to cut out the calculated time they realized it would take to reach Syndicate levels and attain rewards.


Much criticism about the Syndicate rewards, the points required, etc. and so forth, has already been given. I believe that is the best way we can make change occur, rather than finding ways around a system that we don't agree with.


The negatives produced were few. It was found that Interception maps with close spawn points, when played purely as farming matches, didn't require anyone to actually control nodes very much in order to prolong the matches in order to increase the amount of kills. Additionally the map in question had such close points that the players learned with maximum range on certain frames and abilities, they were able to stand relatively near the center of the map and just.....spam abilities that had no line of sight requirements and were devastating to the specific mobs on that node, the Corpus.


Given that data, decisions were made. Whether all Frames are going to eventually go the route of having pure LoS abilities (as I have read and others have mentioned), or if this was a specific reaction to an uproar in the community about the exploited game play of the node, that is for DE to address, possibly in the devstream upcoming, so submit your questions.

And yes, playing the node in the manner of standing in one spot and spamming abilities, is an exploit, in that it minimizes any game play and maximizes rewards for little to no effort.


If that is the type of game play the community prefers, their voices will be heard.


If that is that is the type of game play the developers want, they will allow it to continue without effort for change.


There have been updates that have literally crashed the forums and game update ability due to their changes, because of the fervor of the community. This is a change, but it's not as big of a change as melee 2.0 or damage 2.0.

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