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Update 15.2 De Why?


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In general I like the updates u do DE..... but

What did u think this time .....

I know Viver was abused ... and it was possible to farm reputation for the syndicates way to fast .

But instead of fixing the spawnrate u Destroied 3 Frames and mad them usless....

U gave Excalibur a use and fixed his Ulti ... and now u redid dtah .. Why (Noob frame again Ö_O....)

Mag's shild polarize was realy great in corpus missions now its useless... GJ.

and at least Trinity.... Energy Vampire was great in team fight now its only a use for Trinity

the Team dosen't need Energy anyway -.-  .

Realy De overthink thes fixes and Fix Viver instead.


Mfg SchmuseDecke


BTW sorry for my bad english ..


Edit: I play arch wing interception ... the Uranus Interception was realy hard bevor .. but now its simply impossible.

Also the lower players cant play Interception becaus now its freaking impossible to play a higher Interception on a good rate without good gear.

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Nope dud Warframe is a Great game and I spend money because they deserved it but the last updat was just crap.


Edit: Not everithing was crap only the interception system as it is Now needs a little rework ... and the fram nerves sory to say made them usless almost .. instead of chanching frams change Viver .... thats all I can say ^^.

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