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The Force Extraction Issue In Archwing, Is Still Present


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Ok I just lost 3 rounds of Interception rewards on Erpo, Earth due to having to find an enemy outside the limits (which mind you was stuck inside an asteroid) then getting stuck on the Extract/Battle selection screen while Lotus warned me that I would be forced to extract. Which proceeded to happen just as the next round started. This isn't my first instance of this, and frankly its frustrating. The Archwing boundaries still seem too small. Half the terrain and objects are located out of the boundary limits, and enemies do in fact get stuck there on multiple occasions.


I'm not considering this a bug because it isn't, its just a lack of boundary extension.


Also, there shouldn't be a timer for a player to return to the battle area, or at least make it visible and at least 10-15 seconds. Players should only be force extracted if they continue traveling beyond Lotus's warning or if they decide to sit outside past the time limit given.


I beg you DE, please take another look at map limitations in Archwing, and maybe the navigation paths of the enemies. After watching enemies zip around, its obvious they run linear targeted paths, with little to no maneuvering capabilities, as a result, they get stuck inside these asteroids and ship parts.


I would have logged onto my PC account on the forums to report this, but frankly I don't think it would matter all that much.

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