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Some Opinions On How To Get Back Your Warframes And Deal With Viver Problem?


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First, let's get to the cause of the "Fiver" problem:

-Why do they use Viver to farm?

 +Endless Enemies spawning.

 +Lots of Exps.

 +Lots of Syndicate.

 +Lots of Loots.

 +Easy farming.

-What DE fixedL

 +Easy Farming.

-What they missed:

 +All that are left.


-What can we do to solve this problem without harming other Warframe?

 +Stop farming Viver (Impossible)

 +Try to make some Logical to how Syndicate are gained.

 +Try to make some Logical to how Enemies are Spawned.

 +Try to make some Logical to anything that can make user exploit.


So, what DE lacks here, is Solutions:

Let's contribute some Solutions!


Here's mine:

1) Make a Exp to Syndicate limits:

EX: Exchange 10% Exp to Syndicate on 100 1st points of Syndicate, reduce the % exp to Syndicate on next 100 points or so.

2) Make some Logical to how Enemies are spawned:

Ex: For 1 player, each spawn node will spawn A enemies (a Squad), after killing 90% of A enemies, there will be X seconds before the next squad arrives.

For 2 players, each spawn node will spawn B Enemies.... and so on.

This will make the fighting more Logical. No one want to fight a strong enemies with scattered formation, just send a squad like those Syndicate Assasin. This shall be good and Logical.


That's all for me right now. Let's contribute more to bring those Warframes back to life.

And for all of ones who have "Fiver".

Stop please. Though it's impossible.


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There's only one problem to all this madness : insane amount of syndicate reputation required.


Think about it my friend(s), Viver has always been opened to everyone since forever. They could've farmed there, everyone could have obtained level 30 weapons and frames there in mere moments, yet how come no one ever thought of farming EXP there before? How come everyone only started to spam Viver just after U15?


The answer is syndicate rep. Everything point back to syndicates.


Please, get in there and run 3 daily missions for syndicate rep, giving total of approximately 1,500-2,000 credits. Now, look at the rep requirement to even get something out of it. Just by levelling standing with a syndicate you need staggering amount of 240,000 rep. How long do you think we all have to waste just to max the standing? This isn't even including the fact that credits disappeared when you purchased something....


Oh, you don't need to go out there and try, the answer is 120 days of grinding.


Pray tell, do you think we can afford to spend 120 days on something already worthless and far inferior compared to already-existed mods?


Not worthless? ok, please take your Skana to void tower 4 mobile defense, and report back result as you try your hardest to melee corrupted heavy gunner to death while trying to stay alive, also that terminal is already busted, just saying...


That should knock some sense into someone.

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Yeah that's why I suggest Syndicate limit method above.

I don't create this topic to whine about anything. Just... solutions to every whine in a while.

So please, just post your Solutions here. I don't know if grinding is boring, just I don't grind that much (maybe that's why I'm just rank 2 in Syndicate lol).

But all the Frames nerf because of Fiver is too much, to painful to watch.

So again, please post your solutions to the Fiver, not talking about all those "veteran grinding boring user".

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How to fix Viver w/o nerfing Frames:


-Have a timer that counts up during Interception, like in Survival.

-As time goes up, enemies get progressively harder, like in Survival.

-Have enemies difficulty scale harder faster than it would in Survival (to prevent camping)

-Soon enough enemies will be to high level for most ultimate's to 1-2 shot them.

-Enemies getting progressively harder on a faster scale than Survival = adds a sense of haste to the gameplay to reach 100%

*Alternatively, they could have just removed small maps from interception or add randomized maps like Sechura, Pluto where you get 1 or 3 maps, with the pod being in one of 3 locations on 2 of those maps (in interception's case, move around the objective location markers). 


How to fix Syndicate grinding (or rather, change the type of grind)

-Lower point cost for items significantly

-Add slight multiplier for Sigils

-Make Syndicate items account bound (this offsets them being easier to get for players, but not to the point where you could buy them for 5plat)

-Change system from affinity grind to Boss hunting. 

-Add option for turn in's (i.e. one day the Syndicate needs Reach mods and gives 25 rep per mod, the next day it needs Vitality for 20 rep per mod), keep it set to common/uncommon mods

-Add quest lines with rewards, not just the standard alerts

There are literally dozens of different elements that could have been used to avoid such a direct rep grind.

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