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Corvas & Onorix Parts Are Untradeable


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why is it i always log in to make a complaint at some unheralded, unjustified, uncool, unfair change. man im getting tired a'this- 


unheralded - why no mention of this a) earlier  b) when they made it

unjustified - WHY! EXPLAIN YOURSELVES. For heaven's sake don't say clarity...

uncool - I seriously held my head in my hands for ages shaking my head saying things like "Man, what the ****?" over and over

unfair - so everyone who made plat since archwing gets to make plat. I try tonight only to go "oh, instead of 50p i get 0. cool."




please dont post "Just adapt" posts this is my opinion of the above change. I hate it. there you go. do what you will.

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