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Unnesscary Changes


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Well it seems like there was some major changes on some frames. I believe the cause is Viver and how easy it was to spam and kill enemies for rep.


Though it seemed like DE did tweak viver(rearranging the Towers) some time ago. Though that didn't work, Some of the Tenno found a New strategy...


Now With the recent change most tactics doesn't matter nor are very much rewarding, since the enemy stands Equal to Tenno now on interception mission, right? Nah, sadly they can conflict and not us. That should have done enough to make People do less Viver runs for rep gain. The frames mostly used for these interception mission wasn't needed to change, but still changed, some of them got a significent nerf. Poor Excel...



Well I did enjoy Trinity and she was kinda good to have wih the energy drain  and all which she does good. But now?


I Guess I can go try some archwing meanwhile? oh well

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