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Post 15.2 Ability Concepts


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with the changes to multiple warframe's abilities due to the vast exploiting through player intuition, DE took a very quick approach to turning these abilities back to their original intention.


though i commend the response to the issue they accidentally brought upon themselves, the player base has designated that the nuking abilities are now nearly useless with the introduction of LoS, one of the most common concepts of FPS. LoS is nothing new, its how people dodge grenades, avoid blasts, survive nukes.


because these abilities have been deemed weak and unfit with the reintroduction of this classic mechanic, its time for a rework of said abilities. 


Radial Javelin-

currently - will stab enemies within LoS for a set radius for large amounts of damage.

suggested idea - replace the skill with an ability similar to that of null star with some changes. as you come within range of an enemy, a javelin will bolt and impale an enemy ONCE. javelins having no cooldown between attacks, but there will be a limited number of javelins effected by duration mods.


Shield Polarization-

currently - refills shields of allies in LoS and removes/explodes shields of enemies in LoS for a set distance.

suggested idea - create an aura around mag (similar to world on fire) that will remove/explode shields of enemies within the aura range. shields removed from enemies will collect in a sort of pool that will refill the shields of mag and her allies within the aura with a supercharged regen rate. with an empty pool, ally shields will refill at double the rate of mags regen rate. this would change the ability to a duration based mod.


Energy Vampire -

currently - enemy target radiates energy to allies within LoS. death creates a large amount of energy to be released.

suggested idea - using energy vampire will have trinity dash forward. (giving trinity a mobile ability passively) upon contact with an enemy, trinity will preform a sort of 'finisher' move on the enemy. this move will drain the life energy out of the enemy, and redirect it to nearby allies through tethers. (similar to Link) amount of energy is determined by a percentage of the damage done to the enemy. (promoting teamwork with various damage stacking abilities of other warframes)


these are just my ideas, and im sure the player base can show some more interesting ideas. perhaps if we come up with some reworks, DE will take it upon themselves to change these abilities to something the community sees as more useful.

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