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Selling & Trading Prime Parts And Mod Cards

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I currently have lots of stuff and no need for it so im selling it or trading it to the community.

Prime Parts
Hikou stars x1
Burston stock x1
Burston barrel x2
Ember bp x1
Ember helm x5
Lex barrel x7
Mag bp x3
Mag chassis x2
Sicarus receiver x1
Sicarus barrel x3
Paris lower limb x1
Rhino systems x1
Wyrm bp x2
Wyrm cerebrum x3
Scindo bp x1
Bronco bp x1
Bronco recevier x2
AK Bronco bp x1
Frost chassis x1
Boltor barrel x2
Boltor stock x1

Prime Sets
Burston (Barrel,Stock,Receiver,No BP) x1

Mod Cards
Natural talent x1
Reflex guard x1
Shock absorbers x1
Handspring x1
Metal auger x1
Seeker x1
Constitution x1
Shred x1
Lethal torrent x1
Vigor x1
Bite x1
Coiling viper x1
Stalking fan x1
Split chamber x1
Bleeding willow x1
Sundering strike x2
Malicious raptor x1
Fracturing wind x1
Serration x1
Malignant force x2
Pistol pestilence x2
Virulent scourge x1
Overextended x1 Corrupted Mod
Corrupt Charge x1 Corrupted Mod
Heavy Caliber x1 Corrupted Mod

Kubrow Imprints
Tall and big
Tall and small
Tall Medium Lotus

If anything in my list interests you please contact me at LEGENDARYXSCOUT via xbox message.

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