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Feedback On Current Game Build


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Disclamer; Post will be leanthy will do what I can to shorten it.

This is from a lone player's point of view, you are welcome to critize as you please.

Please keep it clean.






Few .. concerns About this so here is the break down.


Player gain in standings:  The Rep gain looks more like its paywalled inorder to get somewhere

with standings to a certain syndicates.  
  IF the player base has seen it as a high wall to climb over. They will simply find a way around it, OR
MAKE a Way around it. 


If you see that your player base is acting in what would be consider "gaming the system" then its time to go

back and check the numbers. As it would probably be too high.  This includes The gain equals to Length

it would take to reach the wanted standing level.



Note: Factions are NOT meant to be used as "End game content" or "Longactivity for a game"/Keeps players playing. Factions were made to give the players a chance to decide what loot/mount/cosmetic/reward that suits them best on their gameplay as they move into the first step into end game.



Syndicate/facton offerings:


I personally dont see any reason to spend anything until I reach the 2nd to the highest standing or the highest standing.


-- Steel Meridian's Roller Specters:

Too weak to handle some of the toughest mobs and the damage they do...  Not so much worth the standings

that it would cost to get them.


--- Sigils/badges:

 Cosmetic only is ok, but to be honest. It doesnt get my attetion very much until higher levels where there

 is some cool animation on them. Which is ok, but really not worth getting my attetion. Now if they gave

bonus standings for wearing (steel Meridian standing) Valiant and above Sigils. Great!


-- Void Keys: While having them set for different Factions, I wouldnt mind just being able to have access to

all of them instead of just one with the same standing price.


--Weapon Augments: This is where the players start to pay attetion. Why? Its not because of what they have to

offer. Its because of the Vaule for them on the market.  (this is what caused the player base to start finding

new ways to quickly grind up Standing points to advance enough to get them.)

  Personally 3 weapon augments isnt really enough, there needs to be more varety and more of these augments.

The same stands for the indivdual Warframe specific augments.


--Faction Specific Cosmetics: Its not just for platium market.  There is nothing in there aside from the

badges/sigils that state i'm from XXXX syndicate/faction drool over my glourious sense of Style and color!

 So, why not add some, warframe accessories, Weapon skins, Decals.


--Syndcate/faction Dailiy missions/quest:

Same issues as the game currently has, Too much Repeativeness. We're doing important work for them,

so why have it as the same as every other mission?  Add some curves or twist to them, such as have us

go through a SMALL puzzle to unlock some secret vault that the oppsing faction has that would bring the player's

current faction to its knees.


Dont hold back on being creative!




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End game content:


Ok so.. Where is it?

Sorry to be blunt but thats the 2000 plat question some have asked me when I talked about warframe.
"Is there end game content in warframe?"  "What is their engame content like?"


The only suggestion I could make about this is to check out what other MMOs have for their endgame content.

Some have it set up as the "END of Leveling/grind" and to start some damage to the opposing faction with some

generic -Take over the world or Destory all life and the planet".. Stuff.


--Oppsosing Enemies:
We have Grineer, we have corpus, we have Corupt, and yes, We have infested and their sinister twisted



 Pick one ANYONE of them and pull out a sub boss that has plans to do some destruction/take over/wipe out

Tennos etc.  Keep the pace of it not too long or its going to get the player bored or burnt out. 
 Have it set up to where it would push the player's skills (not abilities) in agility, Shooting and quick wits.


 Then throw in some Kill Rewards that would make other players want to join in on the fun (after they max their frame

and weapons out)



Challenging content:

Let me put this on the table.  BULLET SPONGE MOBS ARE NOT CHALLENGING!

They are dull, take too much time to kill and get Pretty damn annoying.


Players should be challenged to get from point A all the way to Point B with multple paths to take:

FInd ways around the patrols to the reactor without being detected.

(if detected, its time to clean out that room and anything that comes into it)


--Guns ablazing: Go in there with an all out arsenal of death waiting to be used, cut Your way through the

patrols to get to that reactor!


---Wipe them out.. All of them. Group up and go and a mass killing spree with your buddies or public que.

Leave no one standing as your team plows through every attempt to stop them from getting to that reactor.


---Multi mode/general:

Mix and match, Stealth then go out in a guns ablazing  or suddenly mass Raid of tennos after a switch or lock w/e is



--Challenge modes

This could be your bread n butter. Players can decide on what challenges to push out on,

-GO through this maze before reaching XX time (something like the dojo's Maze run)

Or Kill off XX without taking XX hits or dying

this can go on and on.


The rewards should be from uncommon to Rare (Silver colored mod to Gold color Mod)

These can have Random drops from a free voucher for XX warframe to Prime parts to VERY USEFUL mods

(and I DONT MEAN stuff like flame repellent or Redirection) auras, Corupt mods, stances, forma,  Catalyst/Reactor Blueprints.



Challenging AI:

This is where I Cringe the most.


AI just runs away, automatically Runs for the alarm, Always runs for cover.

This needs to change, The AI has to be smart enough to flank or out move the player.

Work even more so together as a group to bring the tenno down And NOT HIDE LIKE A DAMN CHICKEN.


This i think for the most should be scaled by depency of levels. AI is normal until the missions reach level 32.

Only then should the AI start getting wise to the player(S) actions and adjust.


Have the spawn scale to # of players = # of mobs to deal with.



There you go, I can add more. but already at my limit.

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