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Crash/blue Screen In Mastery Mission - Gtx970


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Recently bought a EVGA GTX 970, all has been going well until a few days ago I went to play my rank 15 mastery mission and the game froze.

I tried again the next 2 days but these times my computer blue screened. Today I tried again but with all graphics options turned off or to the lowest setting and it froze again. Once force closing Warframe all of my sound was distorted (Youtube, media player, etc).


The graphics card drivers are up to date.

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Did you happen to spot any useful information, such as error codes, or anything, from the bluescreens?

They often contain something akin to STOP 0x0000007B (and then some more numbers and letters).

If the bluescreen goes away before you can notice anything, you can try this:


When starting your computer, as soon as the logo of your computers/mother boards manufacturer goes away, press F8 untill a menu appears. In that menu, select the option to disable automatic restart on system failure.
Then any bluescreen you might get will stay on the screen, untill you manually turn off your computer, leaving you plenty of time to note down everything, take pictures, and cry silently.

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Now what you want to do with a bluescreen, is to Google the 0x00000024 error code. It's not always useful, but I've found that it'll often point you in the right direction.

Initially the internet says you should run a chkdsk (check disk), or that it might be your RAM.

What i'd do is run the chkdsk first, and if that doesn't fix anything, you can always try pulling out a single stick of ram, and see of that works. If not, then re-insert, and pull out the next. Rinse and repeast.

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All right.
A quick Google search says that D1 is driver related, somehow.
The first hit I found spoke of things like anti virus software making a mess of things (this happens from time to time). The advice given was to replace the antivirus (McAfee) with something else.


A thread on Tomshardware speaks of issues with a graphics card overheating, or not getting enought power at peak loads.


Have you ever updated the BIOS or Chipshet on your device?
I remember having a graphics issue myself, with my current computer, because the pre-loaded BIOS has some kind of fault, and needed an update.

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Made sure all my drivers are up to date. I had to update the BIOS when I first bought the graphics card.

There isnt any overheating. I dont think there would be any power problems, even tried everything on the lowest settings. I can play the game fine with vsync off and running at 300 fps, and runs fine at 60 fps with vsync on.

I guess antivirus is the next step. Its a real pain that it only happens in the Mastery missions, only get 1 chance a day to try something.

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