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Alert For Harlequin Helmet Showing As Arcane Scorpian Helmet


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I got the Twitter notification of this Harlequin Mirage Helmet Blueprint going on in Graeae (Sedna).  When I navigated to the alert location, I see it says the reward shows as an Arcane Scorpion Ash Helmet Blueprint, instead.


I completed the alert, thinking maybe it might give me the Harlequin Mirage Helmet advertised on the Twitter feed... but after checking my inventory, that is not what happened.  What did happen is I now have 2 Arcane Scorpion Ash Helmet Blueprints in my inventory (one of which I already had from before they were removed from the alert cycle), but instead of being stack of 2, each blueprint shows as a separate inventory item.

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Is there anyway to tell if this is being looked at or has it potentially been resolved already? If so I am unfortunate because it is still showing as Arcane Scorpion Helmet. Should I contact tech support? is that the appropriate action?

Please submit a support ticket here:



We'll try to help as quickly as possible. 

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