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Snipetron - Worth A Potato?



So I finally decided to build that Snipetron bp that I had lying in my foundry, which I got it from the Informant event I think. So far it seems like a decent weapon, am wondering should I invest a potato for it.


If yes, anyone can recommend me a good build? I got all the dual stats event mods to save up space and forma but no Heavy Caliber.

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The question is, do you have the Vandal? If yes, then no to the topic question. If no, then maybe. Personally, I don't see snipers a necessity to put in a potato until you really love snipers cause other guns clearly outshines snipers.

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If you think the Vulkar is a chore to use, then don't put a Catalyst on the Snipetron unless you think you need it to just get it to 30. As well, if you think the Grinlok is troublesome, then you will probably again not like the Snipetron.

(Vulkar now has better stats than it and Grinlok has similar stats as the Snipetron now).


I personally haven't built mine, but I imagine that the most reliable build would just be the standard elements + damage. Fast Hands is up to you. It'll probably bring the reload down to 2.7 - 2.9 I bet. Doing the 3/4s reload might be just enough for you to avoid Fast Hands, or you could use both measures to increase the reload more.


Since you have the Cicero/Tethra/Breeding Grounds/Cryotic mods, you can use those if you prefer a status build. It'll bring your status up to around 45% I think (with multishot). I love status builds, but it's really up to you. Having that additional 30% elemental damage might help to bring the Snipetron's damage up if you find yourself needing that extra boost on damage.


Since Snipetron has 2.5 m puncture, you don't need Metal Auger or Shred on it, so that'll free up a mod slot. If you find you're dyin' for Fire Rate despite the recoil you could try Speed Trigger, although it seems a little odd.


Considering its crit chance is 20% and damage multiplier is 1.5x, it can be modded for crit, but if you're looking for Bow-like crits from it, then I imagine you'll go wanting. Although, I'd probably rather use Point Strike + Vital Sense over Heavy Caliber; I just don't like the accuracy decrease from Heavy Cal.


EDIT: Whoops, I just reread your post and saw that you said you don't have Heavy Caliber. In that case, sure, go for Point Strike + Vital Sense or have 6 elements (using the nightmare mods, dual-stat mods, and regular elements).


I'd probably recommend against Heavy Caliber, unless you find a rank of it that you're comfortable with. I personally used a rank 4 Heavy Caliber on snipers and thought it still made headshots a bit too unreliable.


If you decide on 4 elements + damage + multishot, you have two slots left. You can do any pair of Fast Hands, Heavy Caliber, Point Strike, or Vital Sense.


Hopefully you'll still enjoy using it. If you have the Vandal, it'd probably be more comfortable to stick with that one after you've leveled the Snipetron, mainly due to the decreased reload.

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Basically what matrixEXO said. I put a Forma in my Vandaltron last week, but I still feel like bows outshine sniper rifles despite the recent buff.


Snipetron Vandal didn't get much of a buff, only 25 more base damage combined with 3m punch-through. It should have gotten a crit boost, considering that it was above all other snipers in crit to begin with (30% cirt chance 2.5 multiplier or so would be accurate).

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Just looked at the stats for the original Snipetron, and it has been completely overlooked in the sniper buff, comparing with Vulkar:




Base: 125

Crit chance: 20%

Crit multiplier: 1.5

Magazine: 4

Reload: 3.5 seconds




Base: 200

Crit chance: 20%

Crit multiplier: 2

Magazine: 6

Reload: 3 seconds


So my recommendation is; use the Snipetron for mastery fodder and potato the Vulkar instead. It even has decent DPS now since the sniper buff, on par with bows.

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