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A Better Solution To Viver Would Have Been...


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Instead of beating multiple warframes over the head with the nerf bat, a better solution would have been to address the thing that's actually being exploited here which is the truly obscene enemy spawn rate.   Simply changing the mission script so that enemy waves cannot spawn more frequently than every 20ish seconds would have shut down the river-of-spawns-from-AOE-spam problem in a far more elegant way for all current and future warframe abilities.


(this solution courtesy of user Coatduck)

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nerfing frames and doing nothing to the spawns is gonna do nothing. now I'll sit in a corner with a phage and Mirage and cover a spawn while a clanmate grabs another spawn and someone else keeps points capped. DE ignored the real problem.


or I can use my Oberon and just smash the spawns repeatedly with a trinity riding on my back.


or my frost to Avalanche


or my nyx to Abosrb


or Nova to nuke the map with MP


or vortex from Vauban


Or Crush with Mag


or Stomp with Rhino


or or or...

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Radial Javelin was bugged as a client.  That's the only reason this happened.


They need to fix the bug and revert xcal and mag.


As for Energy Vampire, it just needs to be changed.  If DE thinks its too powerful, they shouldn't make it nearly impossible to use properly.  That isn't a fun way to balance, that's a lazy/asinine way to balance.

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