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Regarding Excalibur And Mag's "nerf"


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Ok, I know that all of you have seen tons of posts complaining about these random nerf. 

Recently I see lots of nerf that are just insane and that don't make any sense. Some time ago DE killed Excalibur, and then everyone started to rage because obviously making useless the only strong ability of a understimated warframe is just a waste of time. 

Now let me explain the situation with Mag. We all know that Shield Polarize works well when the enemies are close each other, so the explosions can decimate them. In Corpus Outposts the enemies aren't close enough to have a nice multiple kill, but in the Corpus Ships you find a perfect situation to kill everyone. The real problem is: if the enemies are in a small room, and you get surrounded, just how can you kill them all if you have that Line of Sight nerf? 

You could just change Viver's map, because nerfing that much a Warframe for just one mission is insane.


And no, I'm not one of these guys that just reads "Nerf" and starts crying, I actually tried the new Shield Polarize in game, and even with Overextended + Stretch it isn't even comparable to the old one.


Sorry, I had to post what I think about this Wednesday Nerf Update, Mag was my first frame and she's my main one since I started the game, in U7. 

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