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Unable To Complete Quests


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First there were performance issues. Then, there was the RNG to get all Archwing parts from excavation. And now, there's this bug! Fancy that.


Who needs Archwing to walk through space?



Not me, no Sir.



Apparently I keep getting stuck above some invisible wall. I can run around normally, albeit slowly, but can never reach the objective since it seems to be somewhere below. Happened twice in a row before I rage-quit.



Limbo's Theorem

For reasons unknown to me I can't get Argon crystals to drop. For the past week I've done all kinds of Void missions of all tiers, both solo and with a team - quick survivals up to 25 minutes, 10-15 wave defenses, mobile defenses, exterminates... you name it. I've also brought loot detector mods and my trusty Sahasa with Scavenger maxed, leaving behind no container unopened. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Not a single Argon dropped in over 20 missions.


Then I bought myself resource boosters. Even less resources seemed to be dropping afterwards. Not even Control modules, and mind I used to have a stock of those without ever farming for them. Not sure if this is a bug or I'm having the worst RNG ever, but here I am, stuck with an unplayable quest because of a resource that can't be stockpiled and can't be bought. So, yeah.


Here's hoping someone will look into it and maybe shed me some light.

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