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I'm Not Sure, Did De Do Something To The Damage Reduction?


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Needs some testing, if this isn't true, then lock this thread. Sorry.


So I joined a random Europa Conclave, and encountered several bugs. Mostly UI bugs, but something stood out.


My Dera deals around 620 damage. Numbers would display 300 due to multishot. After the Damage Reduction applied, it usually went 160 to shields and around 100 to health.


However, I swear I was seeing 300 consistently against shields and 200 against health. Not sure if I'm hallucinating or not. Either way, I'll find some time later on to test this. (Please lock this if no changes actually took place.)


If the Damage Reduction is indeed slightly reduced, then I would applaud DE for making some tweakings.


PS I'm still wary of Soma's and Latron Wraiths killing in one shot if the Damage Reduction is too low...

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I saw somewhere that in conclave, health have more damage resistance then a shield (but the shield can recharge) Sadly I don't remember where I saw it (maybe the wiki?)


I do not remember the percentage, sorry if i'm not able to help you much >.<;


edit: Do keep in mind I could be wrong, I saw that some time ago. Maybe they did not change anything.

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