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Foundation Blue - From The Void Comes Creation


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It began with the void. Endless and timeless, a vast and infinite nothing.

Then, in a split second, out of the void came the universe. All planets, all stars, all life... everything came from nothing...


Open your eyes, Tenno.

Seek knowledge from the void of space, because in the end, when all life has ceased to exist, all planets are barren, and all stars have died, still the void will remain... and in the void lies the foundation of a universe... 


...and so it begins again...



Foundation Blue is recruiting for Tenno of any rank and skill. We are currently developing a wing in the dojo for research, and are looking for players interested in helping to build a dojo. We can help with any questions you may have. If you are a Tenno who plays fairly regularly and is looking to play an important role in a growing clan, join us!

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