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How To 1 Button Macro Viver Farm In 15.2


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I am posting this here in the hope that the community starts exploiting this, and DE can see that nerfing every frame capable of Viver farming is not the solution to fixing a MAP ISSUE.




So you need 3 Rhino with Max Range, and Max strength mods something like this http://goo.gl/t3aMDT

you stomp with roar running for 3800 damage at 58m the same range as Excal 4 and mag 2


Stomp only has a 9 second cooldown if anything is ALIVE, so with 3 rhinos chain stomping you can stomp on cooldown because all corpus die from 11400 damage (drones leaders armor cause issues on later waves)


everyone including Your trinity needs to stand on the crate, and not move to allow spawns in the 2 doors

enough spawns here for your trinity energy feed on 3x rhinos





this is not quite as effective as mag fistpump because rhinos cast time is alot longer, and it requires all 4 players to stand on the crate, for trinity to get targets in LOS



I found this method still yields about 10k rep in around 30 mins a little under the old Mag/excal team as killcount is lower

Happy farming

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any warframe with AOE skills works. not just rhino. try 3 volt 


the only problem with viver was  mad spawn rate. yet they try to fix this problem with nerfing the warframe.


i dont know whos idea was it but its damn stupid.


cant wait to see all warframes getting nerfed =)

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You still need three rhinos, and you better hope you have LoS to the enemy for energy Vamp.  And your build that will let you kill things is still going to be terribly energy inefficient.

Terribly energy inefficient? All 3 Rhino's are getting free energy from Trinity. They are all using the exact same amount of energy as an Excal would be using. Last I checked Rhino Stomp costs the same as Radial Javelin. So they should have full energy for the entire farming session.

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I was looking for an alternative just to slap DE in the face and make them realize how bad the fix was.


Thank you for doing this. I hope they realize now. 


We will see now how they address it, if they LOS Rhino aswell, or if they actually do some hard work and fix the problem from the root, without taking shorcuts nerfing frames.



You still need three rhinos


Dude, pick up a stone and 5 rhinos will come from under it like cockroaches...

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You still need three rhinos, and you better hope you have LoS to the enemy for energy Vamp.  And your build that will let you kill things is still going to be terribly energy inefficient.

Rhinos are everywhere. This group is easier to get together than the excal/mag one. The LoS issue is addressed, everyone is standing and watching the same spawn point. Thanks to Transient Fortitude, we can get builds that kill things (especially with 3 rhinos stomping) without completely killing our energy. Macro use still going on, the rhinos can go afk with 4 being spammed, the trinity can even go afk if they wanted, as they exit the door in the same spot 90% of the time.

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Ok so PS4 player here and what is this "Viver" thing that everyone is talking about? Im so confused is it a map?

It's a small and popular tileset on eris that has an interception mission.

This mission spawns many enemies and since the map was small, players used warframes that had powerull, fast and ranged AOE attacks to kill the enemies as soon as they spawn, this combined with strategies to make the waves last longer, you could technically farm exp, reputation and loot.

The amount of stuff gained far exceeded any other mission or reputation from sindicate alerts, making it a fairly popular map for general farming if you had the team and the mods for it.


The changes to mod cap, the mission control points location, the nerfs to warframes and a change to the speed of interception were aimed to dissuade players from doing farming or grinding.

The backlash at DE is because they are taking the longest route to fixing a problem, they are "trying to kill an ant with a cannon ball" by breaking interceptions in general, mod caps on all missions and warframes in some key mechanics instead of fixing the rep system or the map itself.

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so i just tested this.


1 round 1172 rep with booster.


before you all say that sucks, the old method post nerf was 10k rep in 22 or 23mins.


that's 454'ish  rep per min.


new rounds last 5'ish mins @ 1172 rep


that's 234'ish rep per min


so its basically half the rep we used to get. which is fine. just means you can't just do 1 round and leave. best to sit there for 30mins and get 7-10k rep

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