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Improving Key Binding Menu


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I have some suggestions for improving the options menu where you can change the key bindings (PC). Only by incidence, I found out that one can bind the same key to "Quick Melee" and "Melee Channel". It would be nice if one could easily see which actions can be bound to the same key. For example by organizing the actions into groups or some other kind of visualization.


Furthermore, "Reload" and "Melee Channel" should be allowed to be bound to the same key, which is not possible at the moment (bug?).


Moreover, I found a little bug when assiging non-unique keys: There is always a "master" action and a "slave" action, meaning that when I assign key "x" to the master action and then "x" to the slave action, the "x" will be unassigned from the master action. The other way round works: First assign "x" to the slave, then "x" to the master.


Last but not least, there is a "not bound" check to some keys like "toggle crouch". But you don't really have to bind them to keys, so these checks might be removed.

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