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First of, I don't know whether to post this in missions or in levels, so i'll stick to general. Maybe a mod could move it to the appropriate section? thanks in advance.



I think we all agree that Warframe is a great TPS and one of the best F2P-Games out there, along with games like Tribes Ascend. However, we also agree that warframe has a serious lack in endgame-content. Today, I will adress one of the possible fixing spots: The Battle against Lephantis.


Lephantis' pre-phase might be considered hard because the corpus tentacles poison ignores shield. aside from that, lephantis is just another bullet sponge like Vor or Nef Anyo, so i decided to make a new concept for this boss.


Lephantis' and his tentacles' Level, and therefore HP and Damage, scale with 1.0 the combined conclave rating of your squad (e.g. 1000 combined rating = 10 times his original stats) The better your gear, the harder the boss. This prevents people from grinding orokin cells and neurodes by soloing lephantis. This number is chosen intentionally. this boss is supposed to be hot S#&$, deal with it.


The Tentacles that you fight are no pre-boss-battle, but instead they keep spawning across areas with enough room in the entire map (if lephantis is still alive). The group can choose to fight or run. fighting the tentacles will award additional resources, but they're very tough because of their scaling.


The Map is always nightmare, without a chance of no shield mode or timers, as i doubt this boss would be doable with no shield mode or timers. the number of mutators and their chance of appearance is based upon team combined rating as well.


New Phases: Only one part of lephantis is attackable at a time. That means that the team will have to split up in order to reach his vulnerable spots. whenever one part is dead, lephantis spawns a hatchpod for volatile runners, which the team must destroy in order to continue with the battle, by luring volatile runners to the pod where they explode, which is the only way of damaging the pod. players can either bait the runners and shoot them to cause them to explode, or tank the damage by standing right near the pod. additionally, Lephantis shoots caustic darts similar to phorid, which deal 25% of phorid's damage and can be dodged. this can be avoided by sticking close to lephantis, which in turn raises the risk of being attacked by the runners, which will slow down the process of destroying the pod



Lephantis spits out small puddles of infested biomass. stepping into one of them will cause the respective player to get "cocooned". players inside of the cocoon can use their powers, but they cannot damage the cocoon in any way. after 10 seconds of being caught, the player caught dies instantly if the other 3 players fail to down/destroy the cocoon in the meantime. 


Damage neutrality:

Lephantis is fossilized, so he has a 75% vulnerability for corrosive damage. Looking at the insane numbers of corrosive damage that certain weapons can reach, and considering that he's scaling with rating in my concept, it would be stupid for anyone not to build corrosive damage. Therefore, Lephantis should be completely neutral. This would allow for more than 2 or 3 possible builds to tackle this boss, as everything without corrosive would have comparably too little damage.


Most important: The Reward


Playing 60 waves of ODD, I have more mutagen samples than i need in order to research everything. There is no need for the tentacles or Lephantis himself to drop mutagen, let alone Nano Spores.


Instead, Lephantis drops his own set of double-effect nightmare mods, along with a pickup of 1-4 resources, either neurodes or orokin cells OR both in the same pickup, so it might be:

1-4 Neurodes

1-4 Orokin Cells

1-3 Neurodes + 1-3 Orokin Cells / up to a maximum of 4


For the double-effect mods, get creative! Stuff like "Freeshot" which adds a chance for your shots to not consume ammunition, or combined elemental mods (blast, etc) would be cool

or maybe you want to scrap this idea and instead re-introduce event mods such as buzz kill? either way, these drops would be a lot more rewarding then what lephantis drops at the moment.



I spent half an hour to write this post, so I would appreciate if you gave constructive criticism on this suggestion and not just post "they wont do it anyway".


Thank you for your attention,






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Problem is this would cause Lephantis to lose its dynamics in combat. It is supposed to be hard considering its behind a derelict golem nav wall which is behind a derelict key wall which requires collecting navs in the first place.


Fighting lephantis is still easy for most people, and even new players survive quite awhile against it. Its more fun when the game throws more at you. Otherwise you get the generic too easy boss fights like the others. Even Hek is STILL painfully easy. If anything new phases should include an increased difficulty. Such as when you fall down to the bottom instead of just walking towards you, and releasing poison every where it should actually try to ram into the wall where you are, and then return to the center all the while releasing a trail of poison making it dangerous to go the area it just slammed its entire body into. It also make for a fun vulnerability point like maybe one of the heads, or all of them are stunned abit, and wide open for attack. Could also give a small window opening for you to recover.


As for the heads battle its still easy as long as you air kick, and roll away like a crazy person. Staying in one spot will make the fight impossible. HOWEVER if you solo the Lephantis boss MAYBE just maybe the one head at a time idea wouldn't be so bad. (although I still think the heads should change off so your still fighting all three just one head comes up at a time.)


edit: mutagen samples are still hard to come by. I believe these should still be in its drop tables.

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