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Striict Nat When Logging In ..



I have been playing for almost 4 months now .. im from the philippines and im using PLDT MYDSL the modem router the white one . whenever i log in i always get the strict nat 4950 4955 forward port blah3 but i already forwarded the ports manually via 192.168.1..1 on the service > firewall > virtual server > 


here are the screen shots ,, i can join people on mission but sometimes it goes then loading half then says session unavailable or connection fail etc..


and every time i connect to someone it always need to be 2 times 1 time it will surely fail then 2nd time it will join or just failed to connect , its very irritating to waste time always because of this ,


and everytime i join a squad it join but then it drops. always like this , then if they invite me again it will fail to connect or join 









wish i would be helped its been 4 months already 

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I understand your frustration completely.  I dealt with this issue for two months, and it was a constant problem.  Couldn't connect to half the people, and the other half couldn't connect to me.  This, unfortunately, included some people in real life that I would have loved to play with.


I was unable to change my own security settings because I run off of school internet, meaning that there's no way I'll be able to do any port forwarding.  I was fortunate enough to come across someone else who actually solved the problem, and this worked for me as well.  What you need is a VPN, and the one he suggested was "Hotspot Shield".


As I'm not sure if posting direct links is against the rules, I shall not.  Google is your friend and it's fairly easy to find.


Just a warning, though, the free version has a daily limit on how much internet you can push through that, so you'll need to actively turn it off/on as you go in and out of Warframe as to not hit that cap.

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