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Xbox One Server Population And Player Communication



Hello to all fellow Tenno out there,

I jumped into Warframe a couple of days ago and enjoy the game so far.

But something gets me wondering...I am from Germany so my xbox is located there. In the main chat I see about 20 people and no one is realy talking....not to mention the other two channels...there was no one :(

So I changed the location of my xbox to usa but didnt changed location in game. There I saw a lot of folks in chat. This time talking but short and focused.

Why is the server population so different?

I get that no one chats while doing a mission....but what is wrong with talking in the main chat?

I am no experienced player so my goal is to learn from the others...get connected etc. not to say have a good laugh between missions :)

Am I right that all communicative people in the game are already organised in clans and hanging around just in clan chat?

Please enlighten me with your experience...I enjoy the game, but I miss nice mature conversation :)

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