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Cephlon Suda Sigil Color Issue


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After this last hotfix I've noticed that the coloration of my cephalon suda sigils has changed. Of the sigils I have the starter and pattern match have both become default white despite my attempts to change their color. Alpha and the various property adjustments still apply normally. I've recently obtained the atomic sigil and that has a similar issue. Atomic will slowly have an aqua color move over it but other than that it is a dull, dark grey color. Furthermore, the alpha on atomic seems to be off, as dropping the bar all the way to the left will cause it to disappear rather than simply fade drastically. I'm not sure if other players are experiencing this issue.

Edit: Turns out it's all my sigils, once I got to edit them, any that haven't been edited seem to retain prior color.

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Yea mines doing it too... except its not grey - its snow blizzard white on all frames, no matter what color i have them set too :C

I have that issue for the starting sigils only, have you tried tier 2 sigils to see if it's the same issue as I've detailed? I'm curious if this is one bug, or a series of them.

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