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Can We Have A Quest Feedback Subforum?


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As it currently stands, we have a multitude of feedback subforums, but I think we could do with at least one more: Quest feedback.


I posted a thread last night about the Once Awake questline, and I put it in Mission Feedback. I don't think it belongs there because I was talking less about the missions themselves and more about the lore provided by the quest, but it seemed like the best place for it.


With all the quests coming out (6 so far and more to come in the future) I think that there is need for a dedicated location for feedback about them to go. 

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Same for archwing as well. it's a completely different game mode, it should get its own subforum.



They said they don't want to add more sub-forums because there are already loads and that it would dilute feedback.


I suggested an Archwing subforum previously and that's what they told me.

Well, archwing is a mission type, albeit mechanically different from all other ones. 


I just think that the way that quests work should warrant their own subforum. 

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