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Hotfix 15.2.1 +15.2.2


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I think the poster above meant to ask if you guys could nerf the Grineer Hellion Dargyns so that people can at least get a fair chance at getting the Elytron Archwing.


And I agree whole-heartedly.


See, the problem right now is:


1) They spawn at point-blank range and they unload their salvo at the same time, leaving no time whatsoever to react or avoid them. The Odonata "countermeasures" are also a joke.


2) There are just too many of them spawning at once.


3) Their missiles do way too much damage, EACH. That multiplied by the ludicrous amounts of missiles airborne at once =  ridiculous amounts of incoming damage. If the missile damage was cut down to half or less, they'd still be dangerous, but then there would be at least a theoretical chance to survive.


4) The (apparently) 100% stun rate means that once you get hit by even one missile, you are dead. It should be reduced to a reasonable level.


5) If you use a revive after being taken out by a Grineer Hellion Dargyn, you will die again before you regain control of your Archwing, thanks to the pathetic "stun" effect and long revive animation. During which the Hellions have already unloaded their payload and you get to use another revive.


Does this sound like fun or a fair challenge? No, it doesn't.


And to add insult to injury, all I have been getting for the Wave 4 rewards are... Tier 4 keys. Seriously? You have got to be kidding me.


And there is no way in hell I am paying for Elytron, even though it seems to have been on DE's agenda lately, forcing all players to pay their way.

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Fix this, fix that... People of DE! When u fix Gallion Dragin rockets? They kill top players from  oneshot! If not immediately after stunning. And the countermeasures will not be saved. And that if the award was - part of Elitron. Sufferings, spent resurrection .... and we get the keys T4!

What is this.....please save my nerves. (30 equip + all mods. Rhino prime + deffense\HP\shield\etc mods)  =[


Disarray FTW

Remobed LoS? C'mon, they'll farm on Viver again! that sucks

Nope, Viver got turned into an infested Hive mission, and everyone know that's a NOPE mission

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Has anyone seen this working? Comparing standing after a mission, from what I can tell wearing the matching sigil does not affect standing in this way at all.



I thought about this after I finished running my last mission.  I'm going to verify tonight by checking my mission progress at the end of a mission before extraction for new loka (wearing +11% bloom sigil) and finding the difference between what is awarded after extraction.  I will compare that to a perrin sequence mission (measuring reward at the same points) wearing the same sigil to see if there is any difference in what is awarded.


I post that process in case anyone else has the opportunity to verify before me.

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Syndicate Changes


  • Added sigil multiplier to Syndicate mission bonus if sigil matches the Syndicate hosting the mission


Has anyone seen this working? Comparing standing after a mission, from what I can tell wearing the matching sigil does not affect standing in this way at all.


I just confirmed.  I'm getting the sigil bonus regardless of the faction hosting the mission. +11% bonus wearing a perrin sequence strategic sigil for both a mission run for Perrin and a mission run for New Loka.


Edit: Just confirmed that that bonus only applies to affiliated syndicates.  Running a Red Veil mission with that same Perrin Sequence +11% sigil yields no bonus on Red Veil.

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Crashing all the time now. Can't do any longer missions like Defense or Interception because I'll always crash around Wave 15/Round 5-ish. Game doesn't even prompt crash reports every time, and when it does, they only go through a third of the time.

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Just have to say, I got Anemic Agility (Corrupted MOd) from a Ballista Grineer mob on Eart (Oro) Sabotage. Pretty sure she wasn't meant to go dropping that!


*Waits for this post to get lost in the mass of replies* Oh, there we go.

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Syndicate Changes


  • Added standing multiplier to Sigils - the higher the tier of Sigil, the higher the multiplier.
  • Added sigil multiplier to Syndicate mission bonus if sigil matches the Syndicate hosting the mission.
  • Syndicate Standing gain per day now capped at 2000 + (2000 x Mastery Rank Number).
    • For example, I am a Mastery Rank 15 player.
    • My personal Syndicate Reputation Cap is 2000 + (2000 x 15)
    • Using BEDMAS: 2000 + 30000
    • 32000 is my Daily  Syndicate Standing cap as a Mastery Rank 15 player.
  • (Coming in next build, missed build cutoff!) Base Syndicate standing gain is now ten times faster than before


Warframe Changes


  • Removed LOS checks for Radial Javelin, Energy Vampire, and Shield Polarize (reverted the 15.2.0 change).


Archwing Changes


  • Reduced AI ‘sprint’ acceleration and max ‘sprint’ speed to make enemies easier to target.
  • Updated Velocitus firing sounds.
  • Reduced lens flare effect on Velocitus.
  • Bigger hit effect on the Velocitus’ projectile.
  • Small buff to Velocitus’ damage, included ability to sweep a sphere giving some ‘slack’ on the shot.
  • Enemy spawns will be staggered so enemies are not as bunched together.
  • Small optimization made to AI pathing in Archwing.




  • Adjusted holster position for staff weapons on Hydroid.
  • Relocated capture and spawn points on Viver, Interception missions.
  • Improved the weapon trail on the Fragor/Brokk attack animations.
  • Viver, Eris is now a Infested Hive mission to return Eris to a purely Infested region.




  • Fixed Flappy Zephyr missing from leaderboards.
  • Fixed Rathbone requiring two handles to craft, now reduced to one handle.
  • Fixed Sigils not showing their proper selected color.
  • Fixed Rathbone having 9 Mod slots, reduced to 8.
  • Made improvements to Archwing enemy navigation, should no longer get stuck in asteroids when being fired at.
  • Fixed Gilded Truth Mod giving higher fire rate than intended, now gives up to 80% when fully maxed.
  • Fixed issue that caused Zephyr suddenly stopping mid air due to physics bug.
  • Fixed VIP not spawning in quest defense missions.
  • Fixed World State Window not accessing a Syndicate Mission on a planet you haven’t unlocked.
  • Fixed script error that would stop progress on Capture missions.
  • Fixed portions of Ice Planet tileset near crashed ship where players could fall out of map.
  • Various localization fixes and updates.
  • Fixed Interception point D on Corpus Ship, no longer floating off the ground.
  • Fixed issue regarding host-migration, items will no longer be lost during host-migration mid Defense or Interception missions.
  • Joining an Archwing mission that’s already in progress will no longer mute Archwing sounds.
  • Fixed inaccurate collision on crashed ship on Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed players not receiving Archwing during space extraction cinematic on Archwing quest mission.





  • Base standing gain now ten times faster than before (for real this time!)


  • Fixed instance when Molt’s decoy would not properly die at the end of the ability.
  • Fixed unintentional cap on Syndicate bonus standing gain. (This fix will manifest after login resets at 7PM EST).



Will there be a fix to Once Awake quest not available bug soon? 

I refer you to this thread for more details.



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